A Few Of My Favorite Things

It was inevitable. At some point direct comparisons had to be made so here they are. Some of the categories were
were lengthy some some scrolling will be required, but goodness...we've had some tasty treats...and some...well....

  BBQ Beverages Breakfast Burgers Chicken  
  Desserts Fine Dining Hot Dogs Italian Mexican  
  Pizza Sandwiches, Other Seafood Soup Steak  
    Taters   Trucks    

Just Some Of My Most To Least Favorites...At Least, So Far...From Top to Bottom



Willie Mae's Scotch House - New Orleans, LA

God Made Chicken For Willie Mae & Willie Mae For Us



Delilah's - Philadelphia, PA

More Layers Of Flavor In Fried Chicken Than I Thought Possible



No Pictures Boo...




  Central Michel Richard - Las Vegas, NV

Chicken Skin Mousse & Sourdough Crust!


Prince's Hot Chicken - Nashville, TN

Location & Service Are Terrible...Doesn't Matter


The Pearl - Columbus, OH

Believe It Or Not, Southern Fried With Sticky Cinnamon Bun


Bantam King - Washington D.C.

East Meets West In Chicken Summit



Cowell & Hubbard - Cleveland, OH

Just Wonderful Wings


  Greenhouse Tavern - Cleveland, OH

Unbelievable Wings


Quaker Steak and Lube - Canton, OH

Where I Discovered Wings (Well, At The Original Location In Sharon)


Astro Doughnuts & Chicken - Washington D.C.

Unbelievably Flavorful Chicken Biscuit


  Flour - Cleveland, OH

Braised To Perfection




Kepner's Tavern - Hudson, OH

Outstanding Dry Rubbed Cajun Wings




Hattie B's - Nashville, TN

Also Ran Hot Chicken


Ripper Owen's Rockhouse - Akron, OH

Outback Wings On The World Tour Of Wings


  Anchor Bar - Buffalo, NY

Where It All Started


  Scarsellas - Youngstown, OH

Beautiful Sauce Elevates Chicken


  Red Mesa - St. Pete Beach, FL

Orange Delicious


  The Hartville Kitchen - Hartville, OH

Fry Me A River


Cork & Cleaver Social Kitchen - Cleveland, OH

Great Start Spoiled By Unrelenting Sweetness


  Hot Sauce Williams - Cleveland, OH

Hot Sauce. It's In The Name


  Hash House A Go Go - Las Vegas, NV

Sage Fried Chicken


  Freebournes - Laurel Canyon, NC

Could Have Been More The Ride, But Great Wings


  Hog Heaven - Canton, OH

Wings Beat Their Q By Far


  Nicolinni's - Akron, OH

Uniquely Sweet Marsala


  Cleat's - Wadsworth, OH

Bourbon Wings


  Antenucci's Restaurant - Youngstown, OH

Great Parm


  Phil The Fire - Cleveland, OH

Separate But Tasty


  D'Agnese's - Akron, OH

More Parm



Vito Corleone - Canton, OH

More Parm...Sensing A Theme Yet?



Dookie Chase's - New Orleans, LA

The Desert of Chicken

  Papa Joe's - Akron, OH

Chicken Franchese


  Public House - Las Vegas, NV

Uniquely Spiced


  Angie's - Barberton, OH

Pretty Good Parm...Not Done Yet



Margherita's - Youngstown, OH

Okay Parm


  Station Square - Youngstown, OH

Sub-Par Parm


  Legends - Akron, OH

A Bar That Can't Do Chicken


  Peter Shears - Canton, OH

Like A Model. Looks Good But Nothing To It


  Parassons - Barberton, OH

Uhhh. Stick To Pizza, Parm


  Milich's Village Inn - Barberton, OH

I'd Hide It Under Fries Too


  Alexandris - Wadsworth, OH

Chicken Leather


Molly Brown's Country Cafe - Akron, OH

Disastrous Chicken Fried Chicken

  The Spaghetti Warehouse - Akron, OH

The Worst Parm Ever


  Otto Moser's - Cleveland, OH

Chicken With Sweet Snot



Mr. G's Pizza - Akron, OH

Carbon Dated To 2011


  Monteen's - Youngstown, OH