A Few Of My Favorite Things

It was inevitable. At some point direct comparisons had to be made so here they are. Some of the categories were
were lengthy some some scrolling will be required, but goodness...we've had some tasty treats...and some...well....

  BBQ Beverages Breakfast Burgers Chicken  
  Desserts Fine Dining Hot Dogs Italian Mexican  
  Pizza Sandwiches, Other Seafood Soup Steak  
    Taters   Trucks    

Sandwiches, Other
Just Some Of My Most To Least Favorites...At Least, So Far...From Top to Bottom



Tommy Dinic's - Philadelphia, PA

OMG Roast Pork With Provy n Brocolli Rabe



No Pictures Booo.





Chap's Charcoal - Baltimore, MD

Pit Beef!!! The Raven


  Johnnies Charcoal Sausage - Chicago, IL

What A Combo Italian Beef/Sausage


Primo's Deli - Akron, OH

Unbelievable Spicy Italian



Domilise's Restaurant - New Orleans, LA

1/2 & 1/2 Ties With  Mother's Debris


Mother's Restaurant - New Orleans, LA

Debris Ties With Domilise's 1/2 & 1/2

Primo's Deli - Akron, OH

Killer Reuben


  Tom n Chee - Cincinnatti, OH

Blue & Blue Make Magic Donut Grilled Cheese



Parker's British Institution - Buffalo, NY

Not Pork Pies From The Pork Pie Shop


Great Lakes Brewpub - Cleveland, OH

Awesome Po' Man


Moe's Restaurant - Akron, OH

Look Familiar?


Central Grocery - New Orleans, LA

The Famous Muffaletta


Wolf Creek Tavern - Copley, OH

Now That's Italian...Chicken Parm


Sub Station Pizzeria - Wadsworth, OH

Meaty Cheesy Mattwich

9th Street Deli - Indiana, PA

So Far Every Sammitch I've Tried Ranks High


Katzinger's Delicatessen - Columbus, OH

Smoked Whitefish Salad On Beautiful Pumpernickel


  Bill's Gyro - Atlantic City, NJ

Fabulous Feta



No Pictures Booo.




Tom n Chee - Cincinnatti, OH

Get Some Goetta, Only In Cinci


Ido Bar & Grill - Akron, OH

Al's Spicy Hungarian Sausage Rules



Pat's King Of Steak - Philadelphia, PA

Geno Who? Cheese Steaks Rock When Fresh


No Pictures...Boo.

  Primanti's - Pittsburgh, PA

Burgh Classic


Burntwood Tavern - Cayahoga Falls, OH

Wild Combo "Munch" Is Delicious


  Slyman's Deli - Cleveland, OH

Thick Cleveland Goodness


  Steve's Gyros - Cleveland, OH

Stuffed With Meat & Special Sauce


Danny's Deli - Cleveland, OH

More Excellent Cleveland Corned Beef

West Point Market Cafe - Akron, OH

Interestingly Delicious Pilgrim, Turkey, Cranberry Compote &
Sage Cream Cheese


  Mr. Beef's - Chicago, IL

Classic Awesome


Taggarts - Canton, OH

Yes. It Is An Olive Nut Spread Sandwich. Yummy! I Didn't Expect It Either



Niko's Sandwich Board - Akron, OH

The Unique Akron Serendipity



Al's Beef - Chicago, IL

Less Classic Awesome



Charlie The Butcher - Buffalo, NY

Excellent Roll & Beef Just Needed A Thinner Slice

  Maha Falafel - Cleveland, OH

Crunchy Veggies Are Delicious


Mr. Zub's  Akron, OH

Uncle Rico Brings Some Redemption On Second Visit


Surly Girl Saloon - Columbus, OH

Childhood With A Punch



The Lockview - Akron, OH

Scrumptious # 6 Plus Goatcheese


Diamond Deli - Akron, OH

Second Trip Much More Successful



  Tommy's - Cleveland, OH

Awesome Falafel Crunch


Shisler's Cheese House - Akron, OH

Backcountry Meats Featured In The Amish Sub



DiVitis - Akron, OH

Italian Offerings



Gyro Bob's - Akron, OH

Good Cheese Steak Won't Salvage "Gyro Bob's" Horrible Gyro



Kravitz's Deli - Youngstown, OH

Classic Deli Goodness


Parker's British Institution - Buffalo, NY

New & Interesting Pork Pies From The Pork Pie Shop



The Green Diamond Grille & Pub - Barberton, OH

Solid French Dip



The Village Garden Restaurant - Akron, OH

Peculiar But Satisfying Cuban Rainbow



Eddy's Deli - Stow, OH

Not Too Bad For Akron Deli's




Fathead's - Pittsburgh, PA




  Cajun Dave's - Kent, OH

Taste Of The Bayou




Bella Habana - St. Pete Beach, FL

Roja Vieja



The Sandwich Factory - Youngstown, OH

Super Simple & Straightforward Sub Yumminess



Lobel's - New York, NY

In A Ball Park? Really?



  Torrisi's Italian Specialites - New York, NY

A Couple Awesome Offerings



  Carneigie Deli - Las Vegas, NV

Transplanted Monsters


Sonnets - Wadsworth, OH

Pricy But For A Reason


  Sassy Sunflower's - Cherokee, NC

A Nice Find


  Pitabilities - Columbus, OH

Tasty Truck Sandwiches



  Hanini Subs - Akron, OH

Size & Substance


  Gasoline Alley - Akron, OH



Twisted Meltz - Kent, OH

So Close...One More Element Would Move Them Up


  The Sandwich House - Indiana, PA

Solid Sammitches



  Wild Goats Café - Kent, OH



  Ohio Deli - Columbus, OH



  Corky & Lenny's - Cleveland, OH

Less Than Standard

  Whole Day Café - Wadsworth, OH



  Zooza Crackers - Las Vegas, NV



  Best Gyros - Cleveland, OH

Interesting, Not Best


  Crepes DeLuxe - Cleveland, OH

Hits & Misses


  Melt Bar and Grilled - Cleveland, OH

Lost In Grilled Cheese

Eddie's Famous Cheese Steaks  - Akron, OH

Grande But No Bueno



John's Bar & Grille - Canton, OH

T or F. This Is Italian Beef.


  Pub Bricco - Akron, OH



Dontino's - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Not Sure What Makes The "Famous"


Lucky's Cafe - Cleveland, OH

When Is A Reuben Not A Reuben?


  Kiflis Restaurant & Bakery - Cuyahoga Falls - OH

Not Good


  Mike's Place - Kent, OH

Just Bad


Steel City Samiches - Indiana, PA

Notice Where This Compares To Primanti's...Should Be Lower


Spunkmeyer's Pub - Wadsworth, OH

If You Keep Piling Bad Up, It Doesn't Get Better
Huge & Unpleasant


  Uptown Deli - Barberton, OH



  The Sub Station - Wadsworth, OH



  wichcraft - Las Vegas, NV



The Whatchmacallit - Barberton, OH

I Dare You To Try Choking This Down


Miller's Hoagies - Indiana, PA

Grotesque From Concept to Product to Producer