A Few Of My Favorite Things

It was inevitable. At some point direct comparisons had to be made so here they are. Some of the categories were
were lengthy some some scrolling will be required, but goodness...we've had some tasty treats...and some...well....

  BBQ Beverages Breakfast Burgers Chicken  
  Desserts Fine Dining Hot Dogs Italian Mexican  
  Pizza Sandwiches, Other Seafood Soup Steak  
    Taters   Trucks    

Just Some Of My Most To Least Favorites...At Least, So Far...From Top to Bottom



Alinea - Chicago, IL

Mind Blasting Scallop Paper & Sweet Corn Consumme





Canton Dockside - Baltimore, MD

Stunning Bisque With Puff Pastry Roof



Borgne  -New Orleans, LA

Mildly Spiced & Intense Butternut Cloud


Jaleo - Washington D.C.

Gazpacho Is Summer Shot


  Mulligan's - Canton, OH

Stunning Bisque With No Puff Pastry Roof


Muscarella's Café - Youngstown, OH

New Wedding Winner



Uptown Pizza - Youngstown, OH

Wonderful Wedding Soup



35º Brix - Canton, OH

She Crab Soup In Ohio!!!


  Anchor Bar - Buffalo, NY

Buffalo Wing Soup Surprise



Sinatra - Las Vegas, NV

Best Butternut


  B-Spot Burgers - Cleveland, OH

Tomato Blue Cheese Would Close Down Campbell's


The Chop House - Youngstown, OH

Rich Bowl Of Mushroom Cream, Expertly Seasoned


Bantam King - Washington D.C.



  Whitey's Booze n Burgers - Richfield, OH

Signature Chili


  Xoco - Chicago, IL

Never Heard Of It. Loved It



  Chez Francois - Cleveland, OH

Lobster Lobster Lobster Bisque


Antoine's - New Orleans, LA

Gator Better Than Famous Local Turtle Soups


  Mesa Grill - Las Vegas, NV

Delicious Pumpkin With Spice


  RM Seafood - Las Vegas, NV

Great Chowder



Noodle Asia - Las Vegas, NV

Tub O Awesome Sweet & Sour


Bender's Tavern - Canton, OH

Interesting & Flavorful Turtle Soup


Kravitz's Deli - Youngstown, OH

They Finally Had Weirdly Delicious Cabbage Soup!!!



Moe's Restaurant - Akron, OH

Roasted Cauliflower & Gruyere Awesome Combo


Commander's Palace - New Orleans, LA

Famous Turtle Not Quite Bender's


Antoine's - New Orleans, LA

Thickest Onion Ever; Texture & Flavor



Deanie's Seafood - New Orleans, LA

Excellent Crab & Corn Attempted Redemption



Boyd & Wurthmann's - Berlin, OH

Super Simple Stunning Chili



  Drakes Landing - Youngstown, OH

Best Thing We Had There


French Coffee Shop - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

They Do French Onion Well


  The Hartville Kitchen - Hartville, OH

Rich Broccoli Cheese


The Mustard Seed Cafe - Akron, OH

Complex & Delicious Thai Carrot Peanut


  Kravitz's Deli - Youngstown, OH

Stuffed Pepper Good. Would Have Moved Up For Cabbage Soup.

They Finally Had Some!!!


  Whole Day Café - Wadsworth, OH

Bisque With A Kick


  Obrycki's Seafood - Baltimore, MD

Fresh Crab Soup


  Hudson's - Akron, OH

Memorable White Chili


356th Fighter Group - Canton, OH

Soups & Bread Only Worthwhile Dish


  Gasoline Alley - Akron, OH

The Whole Reuben's In There


  D'Agnese's - Akron, OH

Herby Tomato Basil

The Stew Pot Kitchen - Akron, OH

Both The Roasted Pork & Apple and The Cheeseburger Were Great

  Papa Joe's - Akron, OH

Lobster Bisque ala the 70's


  Ray's Place - Kent, OH

Solid Chili


  Chowderhouse Café - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Close To The Mark



Ben's Chili Bowl - Washington, D.C.

Earthy Spiced Chili


  Danny Boys - Canton, OH

Bread Improves The Chili



The Depot - Barberton, OH

Great Noodles In Broccoli Cheese


  American Heritage Restaurant - Seville, OH

Not Bad Chili


  Sonnets - Wadsworth, OH

Fair Chili


The Lockview - Akron, OH

Grilled Cheese Needs More Exciting Companion


Fox and Hound Pub - Canton, OH

Bratwurst Cheese Is Original With Great Pretzel


  Steve's Dakota Grill - Medina, OH

Blasé French Onion


  Slyman's Deli - Cleveland, OH

Plain Chicken Rice



Milk and Honey - Canton, OH

Fair Chili



  Crabby Bills - St. Pete Beach, FL

Spicy Corn Chowder Wasn't Bad


  Tomaso - Barberton, OH

Wedding Soup Is Missing Things




Parassons - Barberton, OH

Missing A Little More


  Tommy's - Cleveland, OH

Not Bad For Vegetarian


  River City Grill - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Working Toward Mediocre


  Nick Anthe's - Akron, OH

Really Needed The Pepper


  Diamond Deli - Akron, OH

Unique Cajun Clam


  Margherita's - Youngstown, OH

Stodgy Bisque


  Gus's Chalet - Akron, OH

Weird But OK


  Skyline Chili - Akron, OH

The Cheese Is Back & Not My Fav Spice Profile


Beau's on the River - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Cream and Onion Bisque. Oh Yeah, Some Lobster Too,
Not Good Lobster But Some



  Fat Cat's - Cleveland, OH

Pho Just Never Comes Together For Me


  Vito Corleone - Canton, OH

Kinda Sad


  Tim's Tavern - Canton, OH



  Zoupwerks - Kent, OH

Soups Suffered


  Noisy Oyster - Akron, OH

Worse With Every Bite


  Pad Thai - Akron, OH

Not Hot Not Sour


  Lighthouse Café - Lodi, OH



  Silver Swan - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

I Did Order Water...But...


  Spunkmeyer's Pub - Wadsworth, OH



  Berry's - Norwalk, OH

THAT's Cabbage Soup?!?


  Monteen's - Youngstown, OH

A Gallon Of Vinegar Might Be A Bit Much


  Peter Shears - Canton, OH

3 Of Us. Couldn't Stand It Enough To Make A Dent.




The Galaxy - Wadsworth, OH

That Is The Picture