A Few Of My Favorite Things

It was inevitable. At some point direct comparisons had to be made so here they are. Some of the categories were
were lengthy some some scrolling will be required, but goodness...we've had some tasty treats...and some...well....

  BBQ Beverages Breakfast Burgers Chicken  
  Desserts Fine Dining Hot Dogs Italian Mexican  
  Pizza Sandwiches, Other Seafood Soup Steak  
    Taters   Trucks    

Just Some Of My Most To Least Favorites...At Least, So Far...From Top to Bottom




Public House - Las Vegas, NV

Upscale Poutine. Amazing.


  Top Secret - Not Gonna

This Is What Clouds Are Made Of


  Jib Jab - Youngstown, OH

Sauce & Cheese Even Better On Fries Than Dogs


  Bacchi Burger - Las Vegas, NV

Oxtail Chili Fries & Truffle Parm Fries


The Chop House - Youngstown, OH

"Cherry" Fries Are Stoopid Good


  Hot Doug's - Chicago, IL

Duck Fries Needed Nothing


Parker's British Institution - Buffalo, NY

God Save The Chippy!




The Little Goat - Chicago, IL

Crispity Crunchity...With Goat Cheese Inside




Nano Brew - Cleveland, OH

Stoner Fries Don't Require Munchies, So Good


  Whitey's Booze n Burgers - Richfield, OH

Crazy Good Coliseum Fries


Deanie's Seafood - New Orleans, LA

Surprise & Complimentary Crab Boil Taters!



Smoke the Burger Joint - Canton, OH

Paprika In Smokehouse Fries



9th Street Deli - Indiana, PA

OMG Tater Salad With House Mayo


Senate - Cinncinatti, OH

Well Done Poutine, Eh


  Charley's Steak -Tampa, FL

Beastly Baker


Russo's - Akron, OH

Steak Sucked But The Taters And Gravy...Amazing


  TatoHeads - Columbus, OH

Chorizo Cheese Fries


Bar 145 - Kent, OH

Ducky Poutine

  B-Spot Burgers - Cleveland, OH

Apocalyptic Porky Fries


  Al's Beef - Chicago, IL

Buffalo Bleu Fries


  Greenhouse Tavern - Cleveland, OH

Animal Frites


Dookie Chase's - New Orleans, LA

Cheesy Rich Brabants


Heggy's Nut Shop - Canton, OH

Uhhhh...Buttered Fries


  Ko Kyu BBQ Truck - Durham, NC

DynOmite Duck Tots & Spicy Sauce


  Sokolowski's Village Inn - Cleveland, OH

Perfect Pierogi


Rockne's - Akron Ohio

Fair Fries, As In County Fair


  Marie's Pizza - Wadsworth, OH

JoJo What's Not To Like


  Flip Side Burgers - Hudson, OH

Excellent Chips With Bleu Cheese Yogurt & Hot Sauce




Gene's & Jude's - Chicago, IL

How The Dogs Come


  Primanti's - Pittsburgh, PA

Part Of Every Sandwich


  Schmidt's Sausage Haus - Columbus, OH

German Potato Salad On The Mark


  Mr. G's Pizza - Akron, OH

Garlic Fries With Mozz


  CraftSteak - Las Vegas, NV

Roasted Garlic & Leek Gratin


  Olive's Todd English - Las Vegas, NV

Fat & Perfect


  Tommy's - Cleveland, OH

Nicely Done Fries


  Save The Fish - Canton, OH

Three Okay Options


  Tableau - Las Vegas, NV

House made Puck Sized Tots With House made Ketchup


  Slyman's Deli - Cleveland, OH

Clean & Beautiful Salad


  Ray's Hell Burger - Washington, D.C.

Solid Fries


  The Hartville Kitchen - Hartville, OH

Nothing Better With Roast Beef Than Mash


  Pub Bricco - Akron, OH

Dark & Spiced Sweet Potato Chips With Maple Syrup


  Giesen Haus - Canton, OH

3 Great Potato Dishes Including Mash


  The Waterloo - Akron, OH

Smothered Waffle Fries



Taco Tonto's - Kent, OH

Potato Burrito


  Cleat's - Wadsworth, OH

Stuffed Potato "Cup Cakes"


  Lighthouse Café - Lodi, OH

Pretty Good Pierogi


  The Rail - Akron, OH

Parm Truffle Strings



Swenson's Drive In - Akron, OH

Stuffed With Cheese & Jalapeno


  Ray's Place - Kent, OH

Pretty Good Fries



Hot Sauce Williams - Cleveland, OH

Hot Sauce



American Coney Island - Detroit, MI

Good. Would Be Better With Lafayette's Chili.


  Bern's Steakhouse - Tampa, FL

Nice Baker


Winking Lizard - Akron, OH

Simply Good Fries


  Ben's Chili Bowl - Washington, D.C.



  Chap's Charcoal - Baltimore, MD

Gravy Fries


  Jake's Wayback Burgers - Wadsworth, OH



  Diamond Grill - Akron, OH

Willy Fries Weren't Evenly Cooked


  Your's Truly - Medina, OH

Not Quite


  Netty's - Sandusky, OH

Too Much Of An Okay Thing


  Dim and Den Sum - Cleveland, OH

Only Disappointment From The Truck


  BRGR 9 - Cleveland, OH

Sweet Potato Tots Weren't That "Sweet"


   Cajun Dave's - Kent, OH

Something Was Off


Craft Beer Bar - Akron, OH

6 Tasteless Ingredients Turn Into Tasteless Poutine


  Crawford's Dairy Isle - Rittman, OH

Sweet Chili And Well, Whatever That Is


  Wild Goats Café - Kent, OH

Potato Salad Or Soup, You Decide


Dutch Valley Restaurant - Sugar Creek, OH

Instant "Amish" Mash & Thick Gravy Snot


  The Sub Station - Wadsworth, OH



  Skyway - Akron, OH

Tastes Like Dish Water