One Eleven Bistro
 Medina, Ohio           Date of Visit  02/21/16  

We heard about this place when we stopped at Master’s Pizza and added it to the list. After reviewing the interesting menu options we headed up and found ourselves at brunch…which has a limited menu. Boo. Still some interesting things and we’ll probably be back to try the whole extended mess. The place is much nicer and a serious pile bigger than it appears from the outside. There are a fair number of folks brunching when were seated and our server and her trainee arrived before long. The service is pretty relaxed hovering around efficient, people run each others tables etc. to keep things moving.



We ordered three things…thinking one was more appetizer sized and all three turned out to be healthy plates. The scotch egg is a six minute (set white/runny yolk) incredible edible wrapped in a house duck sausage “bratwurst” which is served with pickled onions and sriracha mustard. Steph didn’t much like the seasoning in the sausage (pretty traditional breakfast profile) but I thought it worked really well with the rich duck farce. It was aggressively seasoned, probably why I liked it, and when mixed with the rich yolk, the tangy and spicy mustard and the sharp onions…it works really well together. I don’t know if I’ve had a scotch egg that hasn’t emerged from the fryer with a little crunch around the exterior before, didn’t really miss it here.

This Scotch Egg Quacks

And Everything On The Plate Makes Sense To Me

Steph ordered the chicken and waffles…brined and buttermilk fried bird, ricotta waffle, Tabasco butter and syrup. The chicken is fried to a seriously dark brown, giving it a lightly bitter crust as a foil to the sweetness in the waffle and syrup. The waffle was the best part for me…the savoriness of the cheese was clearly evident but there was plenty of sweet to balance. For maybe the second time ever…I liked the chicken and waffle together more than I liked them separately, well imagined and constructed.

Finally, there was pork and beans. In this case, black beans were swathed in a pulled pork and chorizo mélange and topped with two eggs over easy, a couple dollops of crème fresh and some greenery for health. This bowl was seriously rich before the egg yolk oozed into the party. More brothed than sauced, the meat/legume combo wasn’t at all sweet and let the blend of meats speak for itself. You will definitely know you had brunch after this version of pork and beans. 111 has some interesting takes on familiar sounding dishes and for the most part pulled them all off. I definitely expect well be back to try the dinner menu.


Well Designed & Produced Mixture Of Flavors

This Ain't Picnic Pork & Beans





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