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It was sort of a weird realization that we had been to well over two hundred restaurants and we had never stopped at the places on the square downtown, four blocks away from us. Whole Day Café and Sonnet’s were not bad at all so we made plans to hit another place on the Historic Square of Downtown Wadsworth, Alexandris. Now that I’m thinking about it, we may have stopped going downtown after our lunch at the Sub Station…it all makes a little more sense now.

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They Don't Skimp At  Breakfast

Alexandris has been around as long as I can remember and I have only been there a couple of times. We stopped in one day for a quick breakfast and decided we would return to try the dinner menu as well. The breakfast crowd was varied and energetic. At dinner, the worn and humble fixtures were inhabited by a much more dour crowd. It reminded me of the Silver Swan…oh dear.

It turns out the food fits the participants. For breakfast we ordered a ham and some feta cheese omelet with hash browns. The omelet was huge and hot and stuffed with all sorts of goodness and the taters, much to Steph’s delight, are just that, taters. No onions etc. are incorporated. I ordered some breakfast get-up that included a couple of eggs, bacon, hash browns and a biscuit with gravy. The bacon was overdone and the biscuit was cut out of a pan and way, way dense. Everything else was fine and made for an acceptable breakfast.


Loaded Omelets Included

They Could Improve The Brick and Mortar Density of This Behemoth

Soup Was Best Part of Dinner Trip

They Fry Everything Dark, Really Dark at Alexandris

Dinner was another matter. We ordered a cup of beef, onion and noodle soup, fried zucchini, a “Buffalo” burger with onion rings, and fried chicken with mash. The soup came first and while it appeared devoid of beef it had a strong beef flavor and was actually very good. It was also screaming hot which was true of everything at breakfast and to follow at dinner. Dinner just could have been way better. The zucchini was over fried but passable. The burgers are cheap, not necessarily inexpensive, more just cheap. I couldn’t discern what could possibly have made this “Buffalo”. I guess iceberg lettuce and a tomato slice are all the rage in the home of the spicy wing. Luckily the server sold me on a slice of American cheese to make it something “special”. The chicken had spent more time in the hot fat spa than the zucchini had resulting in a just burned and otherwise flavorless crust coating parts from a dwarf chicken. Add the boxed mash sans salt, butter, etc. and you have an incredibly ho-hum dinner that explains the drawn and joyless faces moping at the tables. If you are interested in Alexandris, I would go in the morning and seek out other sustenance for later in the day. It might well be Wadsworth’s Silver Swan.


Really DARK. Sad...

...And More Sad



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