Barry Dyngles
 Youngstown, Ohio        Date of Visit  06/04/11  

Oh come on! You have got to be kidding me!?! We are actually going to eat at a place obviously named after dingle berries. Now isn’t that appetizing? Turns out a rib sold by any other name would taste just as SWEET! My brother had a coupon and still having lingering desires stoked by our venture to Slow’s in Detroit, BBQ sounded awesome. We pulled into the lot later in the evening and I noticed a boarded up ex-Taco Bell across the street where the sign read KCQ. Apparently there was direct competition across the street and the Dyngle had survived. There is a mixed bar/restaurant feel that is very relaxed and loaded with people enjoying themselves, even this late.



One Set of Proof

Right inside the door you know where you are. There is an entire wall mural announcing hometown pride with pictures of Youngtown and Ohio sports teams, athletes, and sites. The mural is flanked on both sides by epic sized trophies heralding many local and national Grand Champion wins for the smoker and sauce at the Dyngle. Things are looking up.

We were seated quickly and began to peruse the menu. Our server was at the table quickly and, well, she was fantastic. Her name was Januaryy. Not entirely sure about the extra Y but that’s how it was spelled on the bill. She was quick and patient, knowledgeable and friendly, and at the end of what must have been a very long day managed to keep it up until after we left. We were so impressed with her we way over tipped and asked to see the manager once we had gotten back to the front. She arrived with the typical wry smile trying to hide the “Oh dear God, What now…” and Steph told her what a great experience we had and how stupendous Januaryy had been. She actually teared up and said “thanks…it was something they really needed to hear that night”. After a day like that they still approached us with a smile and went out of their way to serve us.

Rolls, Cause We Needed More to Eat

Pretty Standard

They Call It "Soup", Still Tasty

Close up of The Chicken Chili Nachos

All well and good. Do they deserve the trophies? Just a second. Again, destined to repeat a bloated but tasty history we ordered an appetizer. On special for the night were the Ultimate Chicken Nachos. Tortilla chips with chicken chili, cheese, tomatoes, onions, olives and jalapeno peppers. Then when we ordered dinner I found that it comes with all sorts of stuff. Surprise, surprise, we ordered way too much food. This was exacerbated by the portions, nothing is small at Barry Dyngles! The nachos filled an entire platter and were stacked high and layered with a really tasty chicken chili and the rest of the fixins. Steph ordered a salad which was pretty ordinary but fresh and good and John and I tried the loaded baked potato soup. Oh dear. Delicious, packed with bacon, chives, and cheese but insanely thick. Think well flavored cheesy mashed potatoes, nothing like soup. That should help with the we ordered too much food…. John and I both ordered ribs, he got the baby backs and I got the Kansas City spares and we both tried the baked beans. The ribs were definitely smoky and wonderfully tender. The dry rub on the spares was a perfect balance and worked well with the three sauces they had available. The sauces were a sweet original, a spicy hot, and a tangy Carolina. They do make an odd variety, a spicy and fruity raspberry sauce but they didn’t have any this night. Bummer. The sauces were nice, the Carolina and hot mixed were by personal favorite. Vinegar, heat, and sweet pooled atop the bark and were a resounding success. The baby back ribs were even more tender and the ribs overall are outstanding. Even the next day, I could only muscle down three bones worth that night, they are delicious.


The Baby Backs Couldn't Hold It Together To Get To The Table

Thicker St. Louis Style, Both Good

Original, Hot, And Carolina. Last Two Are Great Together

Smoky, Sweet, Spicy Baked Beans

The Triple Crown

The Dusting on The Mac Was a Great Addition

Steph went with the triple crown, a combo of Carolina chicken, pulled pork and brisket. I don’t know that I have ever had BBQ with such a mixture of deep smoked flavor and rich succulent juiciness. Everything here had that stupendous balance of honest flavor and juicy goodness. The pork was ringed with the pink signature of the smoker but you could squeeze drippings out of each piece. Same for the chicken and the brisket was something else all together.

Great Smoke Color!!!

Still Super Juicy!!!

Outstanding! The baked beans are very saucy and the little bowl has a definitive smoky note and an interesting splash of spice. Steph had mac and cheese with the triple crown and it was super cheesy with a shake of (I’m assuming) dry rub over the top that added a peppery bite. It might be one of the least appetizingly named places I have ever eaten, but Barry Dyngles is awesome! Does anyone know of a place named Pitty Sweats???




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