Biscuit Love
 Nashville, Tennessee        Date of Visit  05/18/17  

Night before, had amazing meal at Husk - Nashville. Didn’t imagine we’d have anything to challenge it. That’s because we had yet to have breakfast at Biscuit Love. Lore surrounds this place. Apparently on the weekend, they turn off the phones, no take out, no reservations, no nuthin’. You wanna love some of these biscuits, wait in the line down the street like everyone else. Sure, it was a weekday but we walked right up, walked in, short line, can’t be that good.



Then the line started forming behind us. People going to and coming from the airport walked in with their luggage, the staff just came out and moved the luggage up against a wall, out of the way…just another day at biscuit love. By the time we left, the line was around the corner.

You order at the counter and find a spot. While we were sitting a manager came over to the table and told us they were already out of one of the dishes we had ordered, would we like something else? Steph picked out a biscuit sandwich and the manager headed off to the kitchen to let them know. She promptly returned and I wondered if they were out of something else as well. Nope. She said we were all set but the kitchen also decided to make us a steak in addition to the sandwich and they were picking up the tab for both of them, sorry about the mishap. For a place who apparently has to turn people away on a regular basis, to take such good care of folks is really something. Bravo. I just remembered that when we were leaving, we asked one of the servers where we could find the angel wings to take a couple of pictures. She literally walked out of the restaurant and almost all the way through the parking garage to point out which doors we were headed towards. Exceptional.

The thing is, it ain’t just them. What they churn out is just as impressive.


My Nashville...


Nashville Loves Their Biscutis

Wasn't Kidding About The Suitcases



Honestly, thought the biscuit thing was going to be mostly gimmick. Hey here’s a thing you know already…this one just has a biscuit inside somewhere.

Okay, it’s exactly that.

It’s just done so well, you can’t imagine anything but the biscuit and whatever else it comes with…which can be quite a bit.

The thing we were here for, at least to start, are the Bonuts. BONUTS!!! Biscuit dough, deep fried, lollied through cinnamon sugar, stuffed with lemon mascarpone, topped with cream cheese frosting. BONUTS!!! Five little guys come out together on a plate each sitting in a wee bit of blueberry compote. Who needs freakin doughnuts.


Shut Up!

Little Treasures

And Just Loaded With Stupendously Wrong Goodness

Just to rub it in other baked goods face, they also offer the Gertie, which is a biscuit (surprise) which I think is treated like French Toast and coming off the griddle it gets completely smothered in chocolate, peanut butter, caramelized banana jam and a toss of pretzel pieces for texture and salt. Insane.


This Is Going To Stick To You For A Bit!

The only thing that won’t stick in my memory for some time to come was the SEC, the sandwich we ordered to replace the chops. Biscuit, sausage, egg and cheddar. Good, the biscuit is really a stand out, I guess they call them angel biscuits for a reason, but the guts were less inspired than everything else. They really did send us a steak, perfect mid rare, another beautiful biscuit with house preserves, a bowl of grits cheese since they did seem to sprinkle some grits into there, and a couple of eggs.

Least Successful...The SEC...Go BIG 10!

Just Thought You'd Like A Steak

Cheesy Grits

The Angel Biscuit, Also Has Wings

Beautiful Mid Rare

And If You Were Wondering How Good The Preserves Are...

Our last dish was the Southern Benny, an Eggs Benedict with serious down south roots. No Johnny Bull muffin, biscuit. No Canadian bacon, thinly shaved country ham, no rich hollandaise sauce, even richer sausage gravy, no eggs…okay…eggs, but done to perfection. How to improve on a classic by thems that love biscuits. If you are in Nashville, you might get lucky and beat the line some morning. If not, wait, it’s worth it.

Turns Out Southern Gentlemen Name Benedict

Are Even More Refined Than Their British Cousins



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