Blue Wolf Tavern
 Boardman, Ohio        Date of Visit  02/23/10  

Visiting the home front to get some phone stuff straightened out we headed to Boardman ready to stand in line but pretty hungry. On a whim, we drove to a place that apparently has a pretty good reputation for some dinner before making sure the guy on the donkey can hear us now. The Blue Wolf Tavern was farther down the stretch than we had imagined but once we arrived it looked promising, a full parking lot, a pile of people waiting inside the door, must be good right? Even though it’s in a strip mall, they put some cash into the interior, much nicer than you would expect. The server was in the weeds and the frustration showed with outward signs of impatience and distraction. He also had trouble managing more than one table at a time, a little training would have helped.



Bread Was there's that at least

There had to be a reason so many people were eating…must be the food. One of the reasons we stopped is we knew they had zucchini parmesan on the menu. After having an outstanding version of this dish at Angenetta’s in Canfield, we had to give it a shot since we were already in town. In addition to the parm, I ordered a steak (Strip) and my brother ordered the fried fish. A basket of bread with garlic herb butter hit the table and the bread was good Italian fare, a Youngstown staple…hope blossoms. The salad was marginal but forgivable. Then we got to the entrees.

The fish looked good, and by report, started good. I didn’t taste it but I had wished I had ordered it comparatively. After a few bites the report was altered as the amount of grease still residing in the filet apparently became too much to finish the plate. Uh-oh. My steak was two steps below mediocre and served with tater nuggets (seasoned jojo fries) that had to have come from the freezer. At least they were of Ore Ida quality. The steak was of a heavy double pour of A-1 quality. I like A-1, don’t get me wrong…but it’s not necessary for good steak…the more I need the less the steak tastes like steak, as was the case here. Now I am really starting to wonder why there are still people waiting at the door.



The Reason for Coming was Another Reason to Not Come Again

At least the zucchini looked good. Long planks of breaded and fried veggie with a red sauce and cheese. What could go wrong? Well, the zucchini was fine, the sauce though…not so much. It just doesn’t even make it to the ball park when compared with so many other local varieties…and in this case Angenetta’s in particular. Steph and my mom had both ordered this dish and both found the sauce to be little but spicy. I enjoy spicy sauces but even for me this was unappealing. The lack of anything else going on besides the spice was annoyingly disappointing. With the exception of the bread almost everything was generally a disappointment at the Blue Wolf. I’m not certain what everyone else is howling about. It is packed…but if our dinner was any indication there may be more seats available under the full moon. I will be baying about someone else’s menu.

A-1 and Ketchup Tried to Save the Day




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