Bob's Hamburg Breakfast
 Akron, Ohio        Date of Visit  03/01/14        No Known Website

I thoroughly enjoyed my first adventure at Bobís. I have enjoyed others since. We were in the area and thought we would see what they could do with breakfast on that tiny little griddle of theirs. The description wonít take long. The place remains the same. The clientele is composed of wildly diverse but openly friendly folks. Nice what food can do. But at breakfast, at least today, Bobís simple magic lost most of itís shine. It will take but a few words to describe why.



Mediocre Coffee

First. It was three notches below slow. It really seemed as though one plate at a time was being methodically applied to the plancha, it was more likely one order at a time but even that lackadaisical pace would have warped time towards the fast lane. Second, the friendliness from the staff encountered on other trips didnít make an appearance today.

Lastly, the breakfast was poor at best. We ordered one with a couple of eggs, homefries and toast; another with corned beef hash, eggs over easy and rye toast. The toast was on the wrong plates. The eggs looked like Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV towards the end of the rematch in Moscow. Either they were quail eggs with abnormally large yolks, or most of the albumen was stuck to the griddle somewhere. The homefries were clearly burnt. The hash was soggy and sparse. I didnít expect much, but I certainly didnít expect that. What an utter disappointment from a place that does lunch so well. Stick to that.

Eggs & Burned Browns

Looks Like The Sloppy Mess It Was

Eggs Went 15 Rounds With Drago

Hash Was Sad & Wet



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