Hubert Keller's
Burger Bar 
Las Vegas, Nevada       Date of Visit: 12/19/09

I’m not certain how to deal with this particular location. A long awaited destination for our sojourn to Las Vegas in 09, perhaps the wait resulted in exaggerated expectations. I don’t know. My fellow diners disagree with me, but I can only speak for my own experience, and I went to Burger Bar for a specific experience. The $60 Rossini!






Hubert Keller of the esteemed Fleur De Lys applies his French wherewithal to what many would consider the humble burger and fries. In a dark room, waited on by exceptionally fit and tattooed staff gives you the start of the impression you are in a forbidden world, where chefs slink in from the night to satisfy their wanton appetites. This is where the Rossini fits in. A singular Kobe burger, garnished with two of the triumvirate of world’s most expensive pantry items, shaved truffles and sautéed foie gras, the only thing missing is the beluga caviar.
The Rossini
Having seen the pictures and heard the tale of the Rossini, it was the Holy Grail of this particular day during our adventure. Now don’t get me wrong. It was good, but it just doesn’t live up to the hype or the picture. To be honest the pictures show a healthy slice of nicely browned superliver with fresh slices of what look like Perigord truffles. Upon arrival, and actually I hate to say it but the foie looked like it had been packaged like a Kraft Single of American Cheese and the truffles were far from fresh leaving it to trust that they actually were at any recent point.

Blue Cheese and Zucchini

Now my companions chose more reasonable offerings and were reportedly happy with their lunches, the list of toppings or lack of them proved a
plus and the sweet potato fries were a hit around the table. A trio of sliders, an undressed salmon burger and a regular with blue cheese and zucchini seemed to indicate I had fallen for a gimmick and missed out on what is probably really good at the Burger Bar. A well done, but not foolish burger. If I do return I will not repeat the error.
Minty, Chocolatey, Alcoholy

Salmon Burger

The Sliders
  The Burger Bar does attempt to ameliorate the disappointment on the Rossini's behalf. This is the Rossini includes a choice of the seriously twisted sweet dessert burgers. The Creamy Cheesecake burger with strawberries and pineapple brought things to a sweet and somewhat more satisfying conclusion. Be sure to try one of the ridiculous shakes, one with alcohol, yes even for lunch, it’s Vegas after all.  



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