Comerica Park
 Detroit, MI        Date of Visit  05/25/11   

First off, our stay at Comerica Park was limited by a single day trip. Plus, that trip was shortened by a tempest that chased everyone back to their homes after just a couple innings of ball. The park certainly appeared much friendlier than our last experience at Progressive Field and the majority of the folks we interacted with seemed pleasant and interested. Getting to the park early we thought we would snag a couple of odder offerings before the first pitch. We hoped the game would go long enough to taste a couple of more traditional offerings and see why this park has received several awards for their vegetarian options but it was not to be. I really wanted to try a hot pretzel since no one else has been able to serve a passable version but Mother Nature had other ideas. Again from worst to first, this is what we tried.



Chinese? At a Ball Park? Why Not? The picture on the left is why. I do have to admit the sauce had a nice spicy orange flavor but that quickly succumbed to the half cup of water that oozed out of the mushy "baby-food" vegetables which had been steamed to death. Not more than a couple of bites disappeared from this container.



More Chinese. This was markedly better than the curry but still tasted like it might have come from a gas station or the freezer section of the grocery store and been nuked warm.




Not everything worked well, but I did like the idea of expanding the choices in the ball park. How many stands have something more than ketchup and mustard?




The fresh roasted almonds had a sweet candied coating that made for pleasant snacking in the stands.




So the Chinese was a disaster. Right next door there are Mexican options. Again, Why not? For this I have no answer. It looked really plain slumped on the plate like it was but it was full of tender beef and delicious accoutrement. We actually worked our way all the way through this one even though we weren't particularly hungry. That good.




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