The Coop
 Columbus, Ohio        Date of Visit  08/17/13 

As Tevye sings, the Columbus Food Truck Show has become “Tradition”. I know it’s only been happening for two years but we have had a good time stomping around the commons, enjoying the people zoo and trying some new eats. We actually tripled our truck fare in our second year and while they couldn’t all be great we did make a couple of finds. We probably had more that was mediocre but that just comes with more, we also had more tastiness. We snacked at The Good Frank, Holy Smoke BBQ, The Coop, Nicolasa’s, The Burrito Bus and Gigi’s Cupcakes This is The Coop.



Short Line At The Coop

We only picked one thing off of the Coop truck, a burger. We had just passed up the truck selling goat curry due to the line and turned the corner to find a local bison burger at the Coop.

A Kaiser bun held a quarter pound of bison mix topped with bacon, havarti, arugula, house mayo and a sunny side up egg. It was really tasty. The burger itself was much more tender and juicy than other bison blends I have had and the addition of the bacon and the egg resulted in a super meaty breakfast kinda sandwich, which I think we all enjoyed, to the surprise of some.

There wasn't much else on their menu but the burger was pretty good, almost good enough to not need anything else.


Blurry Stack Of Bison Burger

Nicely Juicy & Tasted Like Meaty Breakfast



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