Creekside Restaurant
 Brecksville, Ohio        Date of Visit  07/12/16  

Going to be spending some hours working in Brecksville in the foreseeable future, so we stopped in to see my office and stopped for lunch on the way out. Creekside has a strong online following, which moved it to the top of the list.



Nice looking space inside of a fancy-dancy strip plaza, they offer in or out door seating. Our server was quick and friendly, no complaints there. Steph had mentioned she had a hankering for chicken satay, which I had been planning to make until we saw a beef version on the appetizer menu. Thin strips of marinated flank steak are fiercely seared on a grill, set on sprigs of arugula and dressed with a mild Thai peanut sauce. Hankeriní halted.

I ordered their pot roast, which is served with onion straws and gravy, all atop a potato pancake. The pancake was well-seasoned and loaded with herbs which pushed their way through the heavy gravy. The beef was tender, the onions crispy, the gravy rich, we were doing well.

Well Appointed Place

Nutty Beef Satay

Pot Roast Lunch Was Pretty Good

Especially The Surprising Tater Raft


Steph went with the sandwich/soup combo, citrus tuna and lobster bisque. The name might be creekside but you are safer choosing from the land dwellers than those of the sea. We ought have read the menu a little closer on the sandwich. Itís tuna salad (says so right there on the menu) but I think we were looking for a less processed interpretation. Past that, it wasnít bad, not terrible but not a reason to return.

The bisque was nothing but disappointment. It did contain chunks of seafood. There was no tasting what that seafood might be as the dull sludge it was drenched in could have rendered the entire meal (and likely several others) void of their own flavors. The pasty goop was loaded with a confusing mix of spices which ran together towards nowhere. If there was lobster involved in the process is was a terrible waste of an expensive ingredient. If it werenít for the soup, we would have had a pretty fair lunch, but it was poorly done enough, it may be all we remember.

Soup & Salad Combo Did Not Go As Well

Tuna Salad Was Not Expected But OK

The Menu Says Soup Is Served With Crackers Made In Their Own Bakery?!?

Tragic, Terrible

Oh, Yeah. We Tried Cake

See, I was right. We tried a piece cake, which was fair, peach cassata cake. Completely forgot about it till I opened the pictures.




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