Dancing Desserts
 Akron, Ohio (Sharon Center)      Date of Visit  03/10/17      

Every time we spin around the circle in Sharon Center (slowly of course…they’re always watching) we noticed the Bakery sign and Steph learned that some folks from her former yoga class would get all healthy and breath into their left hips only to exit and reassemble at Dancing Desserts for something more comfort than Zen.



We stopped in to the quaintly appointed shop and were met by a young lady who was just training for the counter as a couple of young ladies were mixing in the relatively open kitchen. There is one counter and one case and both are loaded with sweet options. We didn’t know till we arrived that they have some pretty tasty sounding lunch specials on the days they are open, T-Sa. We were too early for the specials so we went with the treats.


The Little Kitchen

Churns Out Little Treats

A couple of small cookies a passable sour cream cookie with a little icing and shamrocks was fine but the vanilla meringue was just sweet, full of vanilla and had a nice crisp without becoming crumbly, well done.

More than two of the pastries caught our eyes, but we went responstible (not quite responsible) and limited it to two. The cinnamon roll was hard to see due to the serious slathering of icing sitting atop. The roll itself was dense and chewy, baked deep brown and features cinnamon well without punching you in the taste buds. The icing, hmmmm, the icing, so much tanginess blended into the sweetness it took me by surprise as first. But what a pleasant surprise.

If you like a little complicated or complex in your sweets, they are doing that in this little shop. The other treat, a blueberry basil roll, stiff dough, light sweet glaze and no shortage of berry or herb further evidenced this. Unabashed and very tasty, if unexpected combo.

Sour Cream Cookie Was Alright

Set Egg White Was Packed With Vanilla

Good Cinnamony Roll, Spectacular Tang In The Sweet Spread

Don't Let Basil And Blueberry Stop You Till You Try

On the way out we picked up a pie and a tiny cheesecake. The pie was peach/blueberry and was probably the only thing I had some disappointment in. The crust was much more mealy than I prefer (flaky being the other option) and there was a pile of still textured fruit (awesome) but not much in the way of the gelatinous oozy awesome I crave in fruit pies. Not much at all. Not bad, just didn’t meet the bar they established with the other treats. The cheesecake was much better…ginger/passion fruit. Stiff and crumbly like a New York style cake, the first bite had enough ginger to send heat signals to the brain but both of us found it to mellow into the tart passion fruit sweetness with each bite. Quite a find on a little circle out towards the boonies…just go slow around the circle.  


GINGER!!! and Passion Fruit Cheesecake

Tain't Peanutbutter

Needs Some Juicy Goodness

Forgot They Had A Wonderfully Tart Lime, Cherry Spritz



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