David B's Grill & Pub
 Barberton, Ohio        Date of Visit  01/31/14        

Grill and Pub or Pub and Grille weekend starts with a journey to David Bís in Barberton.  Looking for something new and close by has become sort of a choreÖwe've come close to exhausting local options.  Maybe after a few years a return trip will be warranted soon. Anyways, there is a place in Barberton (with an outpost in Fairlawn) we have never tried, David Bís Grill and Pub.  We walked in early on a Friday and found just a couple of folks conversing quietly at the bar. 



A Broken Mess, Underfunctional

There is a separate dining room outside of the booths and tables alongside the bar, which has a few tables and a couple of pool tables. Overall, the place is much nicer inside than I had expected and the crowd that filters in through the night seems well behaved and friendly. 

Our server was friendly enough and efficient as well. Most folks were imbibing at the bar, we were the only ones eating. We tried their olivenos, buffalo chicken dip, the bacon bleu burger and their special jumbo fish hoagie with fries. The olivenos were interesting. Chopped pieces of briny olives were balled with asiago cheese, breaded and fried.  The sharpness of the olive cut through everything maybe a little too well. There was plenty of cheese inside but it couldnít stand up to the olive. The little cup of sauce added another dimension, they were interesting but nothing Iíd make a trip for.  The buffalo dip was broken in the crock but came with a pile of tortilla chips and didnít taste off. They may want to take a second look at storing and reheating it.

Interesting Idea

Not Bad But Not A Reason To Go Either



The sandwiches were a step down from below average apps. The burger comes with two small patties, cheese crumbles and a couple rashers of bacon. It would best be described as run of the mill. The fish couldnít manage that. Smelling of freezer, it was everything I would avoid in a fish sandwich. The last chance for redemption the fries turned out to be limp, mealy and greasy after appearing much better than they turned out to be.

David Bís seems like a nice place to enjoy a pint, and several people were, but donít expect much from the menu. The fries and the burger I can imagine are related to the off hour of our visit and the possibility of less than experienced kitchen help. The fish disaster is flawed from the get-go and speaks to something else. Something I am not particularly interested in. We are planning on making some return visits to places that we have not mentioned here for years. It will be a long while before we consider here.

Looked Promising Bur Needed Extra Time In The Bubbles




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