Breakfast Bike Runs

I have been taking pictures and thinking about doing this for some time. Places have been missed, ratings are sort of unnecessary, but there are a number of meals or places that could bear mentioning in the long run. We tend to ride in the morning before the Sun gets to serious work for the day. Given that, we tend to either meet for breakfast or use a place as a destination, trying to find the twistier and turnier roads in the area or beyond.

There won’t be much to say, in most places breakfast is what it is. If there is something significant, I will do my best to describe it, but don’t expect too much. Just looking forward to new rides and some eggs.


The Depot Restaurant  

 Rittman, Ohio

To be honest there isn’t much of a ride for us to get to this breakfast destination, just a straight shot out of Wadsworth to our neighbors in Rittman. Having been there a couple of times for breakfast I may start lobbying for the Depot as a starting point and searching for twists and turns nearby.

On my first visit with my more frequent riding partner the place was pretty empty but we were there at an odd time. This time Steph and I showed up close to the lunch hour on a Friday and the place is packed. Everything about the place is railroad themed with actual blinking crossing lights, schedules from eons ago and some of the menu items.

We were here for a bike breakfast run and felt duty bound to order breakfast which we did but I could not help but notice the loaded plates on every table as we passed by. More on that in a bit.


Railroad Themes Inside And Out

Our server was practically manic and on amphetamines dashing to and fro to keep up with tables. Both ladies working the floor seemed friendly and helpful. The other diners…that was something else. For one reason or another we apparently stood out like a sore thumb and were cast many disapproving glances for interloping. It certainly seemed the staff knew everyone else who walked in the door. The staff was nice, the locals looked worried or upset. Too bad, for them, we’ll be back.

Steph ordered the sourdough egg bacon and cheese sandwich with hash browns. I found the whole sandwich uninspired. She ordered cheddar, it was good, the bacon was good, the bread was nice, the egg was eggy but all together nothing stood out except for a really flat and dull cheese taste on good toast. The egg and bacon were weak or suppressed to the point of completely diminished capacity. The hash browns were much better, shredded-steamy-fluffy-little crunchy, simple and delicious.

Looked Really Promising

Cheese Takes Over Completely; What Happened To The Bacon & Egg?

I ordered two eggs and corned beef hash with rye toast. I like bacon, browns and hash done well with a serious crunch and while I didn’t order them as such all three were close. I would order them well done next time but they cook well for the middle of the road. The hash was tasty and loaded with corned beef and potato with nice seasoning. Lots of other things on the menu including the one I was able to resist (cause corned beef hash is so healthy on the “road to buff”) The Conductor. A sausage, onion & cheese patty (?) topped with egg & cheese on grilled sourdough bread, all smothered in sausage gravy. Okay, now I see why the hash seemed healthy.

Not too long ago we traveled to Lodi in search of a Friday fish place. I am not of a particular church which advocates meatless days of the week but where I grew up there were many of the churches and therefore many restaurants which offered great deals on fish on Fridays. It wasn’t a matter of conviction for my family but budget friendly AND excellent fish is something I have missed for some time. Lodi didn’t work out. The Depot might. Almost every table was covered with fish. Sandwiches, lunches, dinners, didn’t matter. Fish with awesome looking onion rings, fish with fresh soup, fish, fish, fish. I’m not overly excited yet. The Lighthouse Café was packed too, but count on us being back for a regular visit. We might be on the bike but definitely not on a breakfast fun.

Steph Would Probably Come Back For Whipped Cream Mountain Alone

I Will Be Back. At Least One Shot At Lunch/Dinner...With More Breakfasts To Come
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