The Echo
 Cincinnatti, Ohio      Date of Visit: 06/19/16

Type breakfast into any food-oriented search online with the word Cincinnati and The Echo will appear at or near the top of the list, along with Sugar n Spice (which we really enjoyed a few years ago). We got there just in time…the line was only out the door, when we left it was down the block. Apparently for the locals…there are clearly a couple of go to early morning options. Sugar n Spice had been my second chance to try this ubiquitous pig scrap concoction, goetta. The Echo was my fourth. The place is in non stop chaotic motion and the staff has a friendly but purposely distant blend in attitude that seems to work. 



They Know Why They're Here

We ordered the special Red, White & Blue French Toast with berries and whipped cream. It looked pretty tasty and instead of slices of bread dipped in custard, these thick slab seemed more bread pudding than French toast. By report it was delicious…same for the omelet. They don’t skimp on the portions, or the money, looked like there was as much bacon as egg in the dish. A side of soft scramble and bacon looked well prepared.

Steph ordered the Flying Pig Sandwich and pigs do fly. Sweet French Toast (more traditional than the special) sandwiched ham, bacon and Swiss cheese with a dusting of sugar and a cup of maple syrup. Nutty cheese, smoky salty pork products, and not just a little sweetness. All the taste buds are happy. She had the hash browns since the potato cakes came with my order. Had we known, we would have gotten the cakes twice…much more interesting and much better.

The Sweet Morning Special Much Like Bread Pudding

With A Side Of Bacon & Soft Scramble

Loaded Omelet

Just A Little Butter On The Toast

The Flying Pig & Mediocre Hash Browns

Salty, Smoky, Sweet

I ordered the Glier’s German Greats. Glier’s is apparently one of the historic produces of the mush. The greats include 2 eggs, potato cakes, baked apples & goetta with toast. Their short order cook has clearly made so many eggs they could smell over easy from across the kitchen, spot on. The potato cakes are crispy and fluffy with a nice, light herbaceousness, much better than the boring tater squares. The apples are pie sans crust with strong cinnamon and sweet notes. Then, the goetta. I don’t know if it is the producer or the kitchen, but this slab of seasoned pork and oats was much more greasy (not in a bad way) than previous iterations. The oats held their own, drew in some of the fat for themselves and add a nice nuttiness. Line out the door, people happily waiting, breakfast in Cincy X2, so far so great.


Glier's German Greats

Pigginess Oozes Into The Nutty Oats

So Much Better Than The Hash Browns

Quite A Bite Together, Especially With A Splash Of Hot Sauce

Only thing Missing? Crust.

Unique Hot Chocolate Delivery



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