Edley's BBQ
 Nashville, Tennessee        Date of Visit  05/15/17        

Memphis might be identified as the center of Tennessee BBQ, but folks in Nashville seem to have their own opinion about smoke and we are going to check out a couple of the local legends. The first is Edleyís which to me reads much more Texas style with limited if any sauce and a kick everywhere you look. The service took a second to figure out but we finally found ourselves at the counter and waiting for the goodies to arrive.



I saw something called Edley's Bourbon Tea on the table tent, a combo of Evan Williams bourbon, citrus, mint, pineapple, tea, and lemonade, not bad, but wanted a little more of any or everything in the glass. It didnít take long until more of everything showed up on plates if it wasnít going to be in the glass.

We got two catfish tacos. The fried fish itself was gorgeous, dark brown and flavorful cornmeal crust, juicy fish, add tartar sauce, slaw, cheese, cilantro & pico de gallo and we were happily off and running.


The Bourbon Tea Seemed A Little Weak In The Flavor Dept...

Fish Tacos Said, No Weakness In The Food Flavor Dept.


The Burnt Ends Platter comes with grits casserole, cornbread, and another side. Burnt ends are usually cut off the fattier portion of the brisket and re-smoked to balance things out on the fat to lean to crunch ratio. Itís considered a Kansas City thing most often, I think, but again there ainít no rules in Nashville. The square nugs are chewy and rich with beef and smoke, I once heard them referred to as BBQ candy...but the candy comes with a kick at Edleys. Theyíre set into a pile of lightly grained and cheesy grits and a block of griddled just brown on the edges cornbread, which also has a bit of spice countering the sweetness. The corn skillet even had chilies hanging out to punch up the heat and flavor.


Burnt Ends

Powerful Nugs Of Smoky Pork

Even The Corn Comes With Spice

The Brown Corny Bits Work

A rack of ribs was smoked to a dark ruddy brown, with no hint of apology on the smoke and a drizzle of bright and hot red sauce. Seriously meaty spares were rendered beautifully and warm enough to numb you lips a little, fantastic. The potato salad was fine but the mac needed a little more on the cheese side. All in all, I was very pleased with our first Nashville Q foray. I havenít been to Austin or Memphis, canít directly compare, but thereís nothing to sneer at in Nashville, particularly at Edleyís.


Mac & Tater Salad Pretty Standard



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