El Patron
 Seville, Ohio        Date of Visit  11/08/13        

Typically, when we head out for South of the Border cuisine we are headed to Casa here in town but we have passed a place out in Seville a few times and have a chance to give it a try. A few restaurants have resided on the corner here since I have been in the area and El Patron has been there for a bit now. The parking lot is crowded and so is the mandatory brightly painted interior.



Less Smooth Than Our Home Provider

In a lot of ways the staff reminded me of early Casa, serious hustle, big friendly smiles, looking for ways to make sure you enjoy yourself. Casa, while our homebase is much more secure in their success, they are still working to assure that at El Patron. Our particular server, sporting a small mustache and a smaller pony tail was active and fun, plus he was joined by a bevy of aid

Steph tried their Rita and it has more of a harsh tequila profile to it by comparison, giving it a more medicinal taste. A couple of extra lime wedges would probably help quell that end of the flavor. Their salsa has a bit more bite in the jalapeno department which I like but their fried tortilla could use a bit of punch as well.

Steph ordered chicken flautas, little fried cigars which were pretty tasty and had the look of thoughtful presentation to them which is often over looked in Mexican restaurants.

Salsa Has Nice Kick

Prettiest Flautas I've Seen


Choripollo Works

Especially The Dusky Chorizo, Which Doesn't Always Get There

I had the choripollo. The chicken was pretty standard, the sausage had a nice depth of spice and spiciness the beans, rice and veggies were all pretty standard. It was unusual to have it arrive without tortilla for encasement and Iím not sure if that is practice or an oversight here. We had a good time and some fairly good food at El Patron. They donít deliver anything beyond good but I expect they will do well in Seville, particularly if they keep treating their clientele so well.




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