Akron, Ohio        Date of Visit  07/10/15        

We found ourselves at Emidio’s (the restaurant, not the pizza shop or catering facility) before going to pick up our new sewing machine from Barnes in the Falls. Nice people…you sew…might want to check them out. Emidio’s is empty except for us, a young man at the counter and at least one voice from the back. That’s it, the whole time we were there. There will be more people at Barnes by far, but it’s the weekend and we are post regular lunch hours. Do sewing shops have regularly busy hours?



It's Awfully Quiet In Here

The service was weirdly hitchy but efficient. We ordered a small pie with sausage, shrooms and extra cheese, a pasta lunch special with rigatoni and meatballs, and a chicken lunch special with jojos.

I suppose it’s my ‘Merica palate but I found almost everything to be underwhelming, particularly in the seasoning. Very little salt, pepper or other options.

We were delivered some garlic bread, which I hoped would be the base for the pizza. Crusty edges and doughy interior and tasty, it lost most of that beneath the sauce and toppings. We probably shouldn’t have added the extra cheese, which seemed to suppress anything else which might have been going on. The sauce was remarkably unremarkable, the shrooms were fine but the sausage had no discernable flavor at all, none. It’s not going to make our local favorites list.

The Crusty Bread Sticks Turned Out Better & Tastier...

Than Actual Crust

The chicken was crispy and juicy. The potatoes were planks and cooked through. Neither would accomplish much as the crust on each had the same dearth of seasoning. My least favorite component of the entire meal were the meatballs which were thumpily heavy and rubbery. The taste did little to redeem. What was extraordinary…yes, absolutely extraordinary…was the house made pasta. I wish I made noodles like these. The texture, taste, cling, all so good. I just wish I cared more for the sauce clinging to them, or the bouncy meat nuggets sitting atop. I’m going to have to get my pasta machine out.

Chicken Crispy But Woefully Bland

And The Color Made Steph Nervous



Tasteless Tubers

Exceptional Pasta Let Down By Surrounding Ingredients



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