Pittsburgh, PA               Date of Visit: 01/27/10                      

On the historic south side of The Burg, Fatheads is a long narrow building with one wall almost completely lined with beer taps. Sure the array of beers is impressive but then you start looking around the tables. While the menu brags of the wings, what really stands out for me are the odd and unbelievable sandwiches. This past trip we became intrigued by Salt and Vinegar Wings. Sadly, there was little evidence of salt and no evidence of vinegar. More traditional flavors seem the better bet here.


So lots of places are known for bread ended creations, what is going on at Fatheads? Three words, huge, weird, and wicked. There is an entire page of what they refer to as headwiches. It is not false advertising, they are approaching the size of your head. Isn’t that an old maxim of some sort…Don’t eat anything bigger than your head? You will be violating that, and don’t tell you doctor you are going here…they will run right out and buy a boat or something.

Bacon Blue Burger and Fries

Shrooms with Flavor so Dark and Dusky
You Will Hallucinate

Take 'em or Leave 'em Wings

Get this, here are two of their Headwiches.  The Artery Clogger, two fried eggs topped with slices of tasty ham, crispy bacon, melted American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo. Voted the #5 Best Sandwich in U.S.A by Maxim Magazine, the Southside Slopes Headwich has kielbasa topped with fried pierogies, American cheese, grilled onions, and horsey sauce. All of these come with a pile of homemade chips which have been fried dark and taste great dipped into almost anything. I would suggest trying the more unique combinations on the menu as the more traditional sandwiches can't begin to rival these spawns of heart attack hell.

You can try the wings if you like, but the mushrooms are bountiful and awesome with a horseradish dip. You can’t go wrong with the fried pierogies or the Italian style loaded potato skins. One note of warning…when they say Angry onion rings they mean Hot! Every aspect of these rings is radiating fire which might ruin your ability to taste anything afterwards. Take in the quirky awesomeness of the south side on East Carson, and stop in for something ridiculous, just save some time to take a long walk up the street afterwards, it will help your arteries stay more soft and pliable.
The Southside Slopes and Chips

Slopes and Club Hanging Out Together
Definitely Get the Scarier One of the Two

A Better Shot of Innards



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