Goo Goo Cluster
 Nashville, Tennessee        Date of Visit  05/18/17  

Hot chicken, meat and 3, Goo Goo Cluster. These are things of Nashville. The chocolate shop is in the middle of the stroll downtown. The streets are full of people. Think the strip in Vegas or Beale St. in Memphis. I figured Iíd get dropped off, buy a few boxes of candy and run back out.



Essentially, itís what I did but there are a couple of surprises. They have a little dessert bar where you can combine their namesake with other kinds of happiness. I did not partake in that. What I did enjoy were the smells coming from the little kitchen in the back. I donít know if they make all of these things in that little space but the room reeks of roasting nuts and chocolate. Itís a little intoxicating. The marshmallows and nuts encased in the milk chocolate themselves are good, not anything extraordinary, the smell though. If youíre in town, itís a sweet bit of Nashville but not a must have.


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