The Good Frank
 Columbus, Ohio        Date of Visit  08/17/13 

As Tevye sings, the Columbus Food Truck Show has become “Tradition”. I know it’s only been happening for two years but we have had a good time stomping around the commons, enjoying the people zoo and trying some new eats. We actually tripled our truck fare in our second year and while they couldn’t all be great we did make a couple of finds. We probably had more that was mediocre but that just comes with more, we also had more tastiness. We snacked at The Good Frank, Holy Smoke BBQ, The Coop, Nicolasa’s, The Burrito Bus and Gigi’s Cupcakes. This is The Good Frank.



More Of A Car Than A Truck

The little cart with two hard working guys (one who kept hitting his head on the overhang of the cart) didn’t have much of a line and we were hungry so I stepped up to order and was offered a slice each of their beef and beef pork mix sausages for tasting. The guys seemed nice and efficient.

Neither sausage had much in the way of snap and both had little in the way of flavoring added to the grind but the grind had a fantastic juicy fattiness which made them pretty good without doses of garlic or whatever else you might favor.

The sausages were pretty good but I don’t feel as though these two had much of an idea what to do with them. I ordered a California Coney and Mary’s Heartbreak which consisted of two pork and lamb “bratwurst” sliders.

The Sausages Were Plain But Tasty

Not A Lot Of Room For Cooking

The coney was topped with chili and cheese and completely obliterated anything the dog had to offer. That would have been okay if the chili was something memorable but it was average at best. The sliders featured little of anything that makes me think of bratwurst and were much drier than the link sausages. The sliders were topped with grilled kraut and mustard but there was so little of either they added neither moisture nor flavor of which the sandwiches were in dire need. The Good Frank makes fairly good franks but their sandwiches are much less successful.


Chili, Cheese, Bread, The Dog Disappears

Sliders Aren't Very Lamby Or Bratwursty And Need More Kraut & Mustard



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