Michael's Goody Boy Diner
 Columbus, Ohio      Date of Visit  03/11/12      No Known Website 

Following an awesome session of homemade playdough, glittery shamrocks and beady noodle necklaces, something we should do more often, we headed out for lunch. Rolling into Short North, the arty district in Columbus we pulled into Michael’s Goody Boy Diner. It looks very diner-ey from the outside with a classic sign out front and a pretty plain exterior. Inside it is more refined and short northy with a more artistic feel and a few televisions. The place was busy with loads of people enjoying a late breakfast. Stupid me.



Twisted Feta Was Bright and Delicious

The menu is full of Greek takes on standard diner fare. Our server was tatted up and way friendly. The only oddity with the service was they delivered two plates at a time to a table of ten. Here’s a grilled cheese and an omelet...minute or so…here’s some fries and a gyro……… Everything made it out in about five minutes or so. Stupid me.

Our little side of the table didn’t order much breakfast…that’s the stupid part. We ordered a club sandwich (odd), a gyro, a gyro omelet  and what the menu referred to as a Gyro Boy (Olde World Style). We started with an appetizer which the menu simply called twisted feta. We got a monkey dish of orangy/pinky mush and some pita points. The strangely colored mush was actually delicious with the salty and tangy cheese being thrust to new levels with spicy peppers and sharp olives being crushed into it. Spicy and rich. So Good.

The Breakfast Gyro. Why Didn't I Get Breakfast? All The Signs Were There.

Functional Gyro Platter

The Pork Based Gyro Boy. Why Didn't I get Breakfast?

Lemon Taters Had No Distinguishable Lemon
  The high end of our breakfast/lunch was the gyro omelet. It caught my eye on the specials sign on the way in and I figured it was gyro stuffins whooped into some eggs. Sounded good, my Mom ordered it and it turned out to be an omelet stuffed into a pita. And it was tasty. The other half of our party had breakfast and it looked good. Pancakes with that webbing of golden brown crunch that only comes from butter and light eggs and numerous meats and breads and on and on. I didn’t get breakfast. Stupid me.

My brother got the gyro and reported it as pretty standard. Good but nothing special. I ordered the old world gyro boy which comes with rotisserie pork and fries along with the standard veggies, feta and cucumber sauce of a standard Americanized gyro. It would have been good I think we were early for lunch and the pork was definitely yesterdays. Chewy and stringy it really brought the sammitch down quite a bit. Steph ordered the club and I didn’t even bother to take a bite. The picture might be too small to tell but the ham and turkey inside had that watery and dyed look of “not meat”. You know, that stuff that gets scraped off the floor mixed with a bunch of binders and chemicals and them put in an industrial sized playdough squisher to make a loaf of just plain gross. Steph got just a couple of bites into it and that was about all she could manage. She did try to half hide the rest under the napkin like a remorseful murderer.


The Egregious Club

Is It Just Me Or Can You See Through The "Turkey"?
We had a good time at Goody’s but that was due more to company. The breakfast looked great. The lunches ranged from average to poor. Whatever you do, stay away from anything that might contain “cold cuts” or whatever that stuff was. I hope they serve breakfast all day.



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