Grabham's Candies
 Akron, Ohio    Date of Visit  05/31/14

Steph’s mom gave us an article from the paper about a little confectionary shop in the Falls. If I remember correctly, it started as a side business in a barbershop, became much more popular than the haircuts and eventually took over. We were greeted by an adorable and friendly lady who filled us in on some of their treats and we walked out with three boxes. One to share, one for home and some sugar free candy. We haven’t tried the sugar free, we were warned too much of it causes intestinal problems. Somehow it became less appetizing.



The Tiny Shop Is Full Of Chocolate & Stuff

To this point, we tried some standards…incredible; we tried some strange ones…weirdly amazing; we can’t wait to try the rest but are trying to behave. The box we dropped off also got rave reviews. Check out the weirdness that made the paper at the bottom. I have a feeling we will be back. Our box contained at least in part...Danish puff, Bloody Merry Cordial, Rampenstein,
Blueberry Cluster, Pecan butterette, Date, Ginger, Hot cinnamon truffle, Pommegranite, Seasalt caramel, St germain truffle, Champagne truffle, Sugar Free Figaro, Molasses honeycomb chip, and Rum cherry cordial.

The chocolate is high quality and perfectly tempered with great snap and melt. The fillings, classic or strange are nicely paired, especially the strange. At least to this point in working our way through the box, there is a reason this place ships all over.

Candy Candy Everywhere...

From Floor To Ceiling

Delicious Champagne Truffle

Real Marshmallow & Caramel In The Danish Puffs

Excellent Chewy Date

The Pecan Butterette Made Us Think Of Cream Puff Grandma

Sea Salted Caramel Is Excellent

Ginger Cream

The Cinnamon Is Nice

Sounded Interesting

Not Tried Yet

All Come In Dark Or Milk Versions

The next two are the reason they made it to the paper. They are known for using ramps...the wild and seasonal vegetation sought after by chefs all over. We wondered how they would take greenery known for its mix of onion and garlic flavor, not to mention it's notoriously pungent and lasting garlic odor, in chocolate. The answer is they do it exceptionally well. There is ramp in each bite but it just works, really well. Steph even loved both, she wasn't as excited as I was by the notion of random lawn trimmings in her candy.

The Bloody Merry Cordial With Bloody Mary & Ramp Center

Rampenstein Nougat: Fruit & Nut Nougat With Ramps, Topped With Sea Salt & Ramps

We Haven't Tried The Sugar Free Yet

And Have A Few More Regulars To Go



What's Best

What's Worst

  A A C A ? A-  
        Chocolate Sugar Free
Intestinal Problems??
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