Hattie B's
 Nashville, Tennessee        Date of Visit  05/18/17        

Really liked the chicken at Prince’s, the service, much less so. Hattie B’s is a newcomer that comes with some upside to amenities and service. For me though…the hot in the chicken, the breading on the chicken, and the chicken itself is good, but it ain’t Prince’s.



Theirs comes in the following heat levels… SOUTHERN-no heat; MILD OR MEDIUM-touch of burn; HOT!-feel the heat; DAMN HOT!!-fire starter; and SHUT THE CLUCK UP!!!-burn notice. We ordered leg thigh quarter southern, breast wing quarter medium, and hot chicken sandwich damn hot. I’ll give some space for not as crispy since we took out to avoid the line. Not as tasty is something else. There was plenty of heat, but it didn’t move past the heat into the layers of flavors which made the competition stand out.


Didn't Carry The Texture Or Flavor Of The Competitors

A Little Heat Was Alright

But Hotter Didn't Bring More Flavor, Just Heat

And Everything Got Lost In The Sandwich

The sides were alright but the fries needed the dusting they had a Prince’s, the mac and cheese was pimento cheese an interesting touch, with pretty standard potato salad and slaw. The banana pudding with nilla wafers and all was another nice touch of the south. Good stuff, but if back, I’ll go back to Prince’s…but I’ll call ahead.

Simple Slaw

Peppery Pimento Mac & Cheese

Rich But Plain Tater Salad

Southern Culture On The Skids, Banana Pudding



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