Hodge's Cafe (Second Visit)
Barberton, Ohio    Date of Visit:  12/20/16     
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Had a chance to return to Hodge’s Café. Place is the same, service is the same. The reason to go remains the burgers. I tried the Italian this time with crispy grilled ham, salami, and pepperoni, topped with jalapenos, lettuce, tomato, onion, Italian dressing. They still have their burger game at veteran level. I tried the Barebertukey Dog, one version of their Dude’s deep fried dogs which was a disaster. Usually, I prefer a mess but the cold link and the coney sauce without spice wasn’t going to be saved by any cole slaw. Steph got the nightly steak special which was perfectly fine, a bit over done but served with the same awesome fries that come with the burgers. We’re going back for fish some Friday.


Old School

Barbertuckey Dog A Huge Mess, Just Not In Any Good Way


Burgers Are King



Dinner Special Was A Little Over But Good

Friday For Fish Is Next

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Hodge's Cafe
 Barberton, Ohio         Date of Visit: 10/27/12        

J'accuse! I like burgers. My father-in-law is an aficionado. In the last bit of time he has been offering suggestions about places to find a burger. We have been doing this for about three years and I had never heard of Louie’s Bar and Grille or Hodge’s Café. I didn’t want to, but now I have to call it as I see it. Hence the J'accuse! I think he has been holding out on me. This is the second time he has sent us to a burger haven which is not only nearby but makes me wonder how in the world I never heard of this place and I still can’t figure out how he knew to order chicken at Save The Fish Burger Bar. Something nefarious is afoot.



Locals Love This Place...Just No One's Allowed To Talk About It Apparently

BTW I am pitching a new project to Disney this week. It’s sort of Scrooge McDuck meets Cruella DeVille meets Hoarders but instead of money or puppies or garbage this movie is about a guy who is trying to control access to all of the yummiest burgers in the world…or at least the greater Akron Ohio area. J'accuse!

Hodge’s might not sit atop the world of burgers but it was difficult to find things not to like about the place. Campy from the outside and appropriately gaudied up for Halloween you couldn't be certain if you would find friendly folks or ears nailed to the walls inside. Turned out friendly. Imagine if you will a more rednecky “Cheers” where most folks know each other but newcomers are just as welcome. The dear heads on the walls are sporting disco wigs and every table is adorned with it’s own festive tribute to the upcoming holiday. There are also a number of local awards for best burgers...wings…steaks…bar…etc. covering one wall. Awesome.

Can You Make Out The Shirt In The Middle?

Fries Are Well Done

The servers are wearing the uniform teeshirt which proclaims they "don’t give a" picture of a rat + an ass, but their work belies their interest in your experience. We ordered two burgers, a dog and a basket of fries. The pie specials on the board also led us to spilt a slice. We left pleased. More than expected.

The dogs are listed on the menu as Dude’s Deep Fried Dogs. We went with the chili cheese option. I didn’t see telltale signs of a fried dog but I did see grill marks on the sides…color me confused. Didn’t matter it was tasty. The chili was the same as their bowled option which included beans and a pointed kick of heat. I really liked the heat but apparently the discussion held around the bar as to who was to blame for the cayenne overload would lead me to believe it is typically not that hot. I kinda enjoyed the idea that the chili is a team effort and it might vary somewhat from day to day…helps the small/family feel of the place.


Dude's Dog. Wasn't Excited About The Beans

But It All Tasted Pretty Good With An Accidental Extra Punch Of Pepper. Nice.

Our burgers arrived with heft, as the plates rung with weight hitting the table. Steph went with the back and blue which awesomely was layered with crumbled and creamy bleu cheese giving it both creaminess and pungency. If you like the bleu, this is for you add smoky bacon and this half pound behemoth is spectacular. Mine was much sloppier. The Bacon Swiss comes with onions and mushrooms and I had them drag it through the garden with a complete burger set and condiments as well. Hard to eat…impossible not to finish. Both burgers were delivered exactly as desired. And delicious. They might be a little greasy but that spells Yum in my book. I will admit, I went with the less masculine knife and fork method after trying to take a sandwichy bite. I love a burger that makes me surrender my supposed Y-chromosome abilities. The fries were also deliciously greasy and wonderfully done rounding out a great dinner.

Loads Of Bleu-i-ness

Superbly Messy Sandwich

Now Those Are Patties

Olde School Happiness On A Plate

Oh. The pie! The board listed two, coconut and banana cream. Coconut is not my thing. Steph has never had banana. I won…so did she. Smooth and perfectly flavored the nanners and sweet made up for the cost in calories. Add a nice mealy crust and a few swirls of chocolate sauce and I am happily reminiscing about pies served by grandmas. Hodge’s has wonderfully homey sounding daily specials including fish on Fridays. It will be hard not to do the burger but if the steaks…creamed chicken…fried fish...etc. are anywhere near as good, we might become regulars. Now I am off to work on my interrogation techniques...expect more yummy burgers soon.




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