Hodge's Cafe (Fish Fry)
Barberton, Ohio    Date of Visit:  01/20/17     
As promised, we made it back to Hodgeís on a Friday night to sample their fish special. After Steph tried to order it on a Tuesday last time we were hereÖI didnít really have a choice. Not a weekend has gone by without a growing hankeriní for fish. We discover disappointment much more often than we find satisfaction so it is a rare treat to find fresh fish, nicely seasoned and served steaming hot and flaky. So it was tonight. The dinners are sizeable.



Itís breaded not battered but the breading gets crunchy and clings to the fish. There is sufficient salt and whatever else they may sprinkle into the mix that boosts the filets without diminishing them. I ordered the full sea spread with shrimp, which were a bit overdone and clam strips, all clad in the same brown fashion. Iíll take it, on a regular basis. Same great fries as come with the burgers. The other sides Iíd pass on. The slaw lacks all of the seasoning the fish contained and the hot rice (much like every version in Barberton) is rice but certainly ainít hot. Nor is it anything else worthwhile. Burgers during the week and fish on Friday, the rest is noise.


Better Friday Fish Than Most Places Around Here

The Combo Comes With A Little Extra


Clam Strips

And Just Barely Overdone Shrimp


The Slaw Is About As Common As You're Going To Find

But Double Up On The Slaw If You Can Pass On This




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