HofBrau Haus
 Cleveland, Ohio       Date of Visit: 05/11/17       

It’s fancy day again, we are headed to our third show at playhouse square this year. Looking for somewhere to dine I was surprised we had not previously noticed the Hofbrauhaus Cleveland, literally right next door to the parking deck. We strolled into a huge and open space full of communal tables, lederhosen clad staff, and an Umm Pa Pa band warming up. When asked for suggestions our server steered us boldly but smoothly, making certain we didn’t get coffee and helping us choose between many German words.


Wide Open Spaces Full Of Umm Pa Pa

A couple of beers were a nice start…the Hefeweizen being bright and bitter along with a smooth brown Dunkel. There was no way we were getting out of there without the Brezenkorb, three imported Bavarian pretzels so dark and eggy brown on the outside, making them lightly bitter, and coated with unapologetic rocks of salt. Add the super beery warm cheese sauce and alternate with the sweet spice in the spicy onion mustard and you will find happiness.
We had a Reuben which was stacked with deeply pickled beef a bit of kraut and sauce on rye. Nicely done and served with crisped fries. The Mettwurst were slices of a sausage reminiscent of kielbasa served with a seriously herby potato and cheese pierogie and sweet caramelized onions. The billowy pillows of starchy starch were enriched by the cheese and made more interesting with the herb blend. A light brown crisp on the outside added texture and a bit of earthiness. The dollop of sour cream, the sweet onions, the lightly spiced sausage…no complaints here.


In Munichen Stadt Ein HofBrau Haus, Eins Zwei Zofa

More Of These Please


Pretty Good Reuben

Flavorful Sausage Meets Even More Flavorful Pierogie

Jägerschnitzel is a hunter style pork cutlet hammered into submission, breaded and fried. My issue with schnitzel has always been how dry it seems to turn out, but they avoided that disaster here. Still thin, still golden brown and delicious, but somehow still juicy. Add to that the topping of creamy mushroom sauce, bacon, and onions all added their own moisture and flavor to the pork. The rich and earthy shroom sauce really makes the dish, just gorgeous. It’s served with spätzle and cranberries. These were the disappointments…I don’t understand the cranberries and the noodles had nice texture but were simply devoid of taste, not even a shake of salt brought out any flavor.


Best Schnitzel I Remember

But The Drop Noodles Needed Help


Speaking of flavor, we took a knee to Cream Puff Grandma (aka CPGma) and ordered the Windbeutel, Bavarian cream puffs with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar. She would have been so disappointed. The poofs themselves were fine…and while I’m certain she would have preferred a custard filling, this was whipped cream…which she may have suffered through…if there was anything else in it. Sugar? Vanilla? Anything? Nope. Light dusting of 10X wasn’t goona do it, drizzle of chocolate ain’t helpin’ enough, clementine slices uh uh, another big pile of tasteless cream, nay-nay. We could only imagine one dessert, we chose the wrong one, streudel next fancy day…and maybe the big pretzel.


Why Bother, Should Taste Like Something

And None Of This Seemed Appropriate To Help



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