Insomnia Cookies
 Akron, Ohio        Date of Visit  02/06/13 

After finding some great soup options at The Stew Pot Kitchen we were disappointed to find their dessert options were Little Debbie snack cakes, and not any of the good ones. So we snuck up the street to try the cookies from Insomnia. There was a lot of space inside for a small tray of cookies and eight tubs of ice cream. I was having a hard time imagining how they would manage to stay in business selling a dozen different cookies and ice cream in February.



That's All Of Them

They guy behind the counter had some difficulties focusing but managed to spatula out four different cookies which, for a nice touch, were served warm. The sugar cookie was essentially garbage, greasy and lacking anything else to redeem it. The peanut butter, smore and chocolate mint were much better but all three would best be described as average, and expensive.

I know they deliver cookies late at night (hence the moniker) in college towns but unless there are a lot of herbally enhanced students who are willing to shill out more cash for a couple of cookies than Cheetos or Taco Bell to cure their need to munch, I donít know how this will work out. Especially considering how much it would cut into their funding to need to munch in the first place.

The cookies aren't bad. They are certainly not great and I couldn't ever see really craving one.

Sugar Cookie Was Tragically Bad

Peanut Butter Better

Chocolate Mint And...

Smore About The Same As The Peanut Butter. Which Is Okay.



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