JJ's Norton Cafe (Breakfast)
 Barberton, Ohio        Date of Visit  04/28/17        Facebook Page

Lunch at JJís Norton Cafť was precisely not as good as I wanted it to be but not terrible. Saw some breakfast pictures on their Facebook page and thought morning meals might be their specialty. Breakfast was better, probably not enough to make a regular trip, but certainly better.
The service was less on the mark than our first visit, apparently there is some dissention in the ranks and the complaints about other employees would probably be more effective in their ears than oursÖover and over.


  Coffee and hot chocolate are fine. The breakfast sandwich is a small step up from drive-thru with a croissant, cheese, eggs, and ham. The special of the day, corned beef hash, didnít carry the odd pickley funk that appeared in the Reuben and came with two on the spot eggs at over easy and rye toast. The hash browns with both were done to crispy as requested and with a dose of salt did fairly well. Breakfast or lunch, JJís is functional, but better at breakfast.

B-fast Sammy

Daily Special Hash


Eggs Cooked Really Well

The Rest Was Close




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