Las Paletas
 Nashville, Tennessee        Date of Visit  05/16/17  

After first and second breakfast, we checked out the oddity that is the life sized replica of The Acropolis that is randomly sitting somewhere in Nashville, how many of you knew that existed? Not I.



After walking off some of our stupendous bagel and doughnut themed morning we stopped at a little shop, which has garnered attention for their unique ice pop flavors. Iíll tell you right off, they are well crafted and tasty, I donít know that I was blown away after places like Jenniís Ice Cream in Columbus but the same idea carries here. Wonderfully strong distillation of ingredients into unusual format, plenty of bits of those very ingredients throughout the cream or juice based frozenness, and a stick. We tried a greenly nutty creamed pistachio, best bite of cantaloupe Iíve had in summers, hot chocolate with enough chili to bring a tiny tear to your eye, a wee bite of coconut (which wouldnít have been so bad without the nasty strings of grodiness embedded in the sweet ice, and an interesting pineapple black berry compilation. Great treat for a hot summer day in Nashville or Greece, where ever. Refreshing but not extraordinary, still above average.


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Cool Nuts & Fiery Chocolate



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