Legends Sports Pub & Grille 
 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio        Date of Visit  09/28/10       http://www.legendssportspub.com/

Leaving school one evening we just stopped into a local place in Cuyahoga Falls, Legends Sports Pub and Grille. I have heard a few commercials on the radio for a Cleveland location, but I think the one in the Falls is new. It might be so new that we were the only ones who knew it was there, except for the four people in the bar slurping beers and watching the t.v. I think we might have scared the hostess/server by stopping in to eat. Turns out, it’s probably been open long enough for people to know, have come and eaten, and well….



Definitely Best Part of Meal

The menu has a number of dishes all named after legendary sports figures. For a new spot the menu’s also look like they have been worked over for years. We happened to show up on “dollar bone night” when ribs are a dollar a bone. They offer two sauces, a sweeter red and a mustard based yellow, and we ordered a half dozen of each.

After the disappointment at Amato’s Steph was still looking for a steak and having perused the menu, I ordered boneless wings as they seemed like a safer bet. Salads were standard but fresh. The ribs arrived and it was clear why any other patrons were limiting themselves to alcohol. Unusually overdone, not just by KCBS standards, the ribs would have fallen off the cow not just off the bone. The sauces were both relatively insipid and we couldn’t really decide which was preferred, I felt the mustard had at least more flavor. They weren’t horrible, even with the lack of flavor and texture. Actually they would be a huge hit for Thursday dinner at a nursing home with applesauce and butterscotch pudding.

Red (Color not Flavor)

Yellow (Uh-huhn)

Sad Cow and Lumpy Ketchup

The steak was likely from the same cow as the steak from Amato’s, this one was served with less garlic, so it tasted like gristly nothing. The chicken nuggets were fine, although there was not much to the sauce. I ordered the garlic fries which didn’t have any garlic flavor but were greasier than the plain fries. On a final note, I had an instructor in culinary school tell me, “If you want to tell customers you don’t care about them right off the bat, put anything besides Heinz Ketchup on the table.” Not only does Legends not use the American King of condiments, they give you a cup of chunky red something on the plate, I’m certain you won’t use more than the cup…if any at all. Simply put, the only thing legendary here are the names inserted into the menu, most of which I’m certain have not tried the dishes named after them or there would be law suits.

If your looking for a beer and a place to watch a game, try Legends. If you are hungry I recommend just about anything but.

Tasteless Chicken Nugs and More LUMPY Ketchup




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