Lou Malnati's Pizzeria
 Chicago, Illinois        Date of Visit  04/06/11          

Zipping into Chicago we were trying to beat the clock to make it to Lou’s before they closed. After screaming horrible things about whatever idiot decided to have automated toll takers in Indiana which pay you back your change from a twenty WITH COINS!!! No wonder the forty seven people in front of me took three hours to get through the line. I’m becoming more comfortable with the concept of public executions. We are going to miss it. But the real truth is we are not…and we are dumb. We gain an hour from Ohio to Chicago…time to spare. We arrive to a packed house. The location on the South Loop is tiny but well put together. That was also our first impression of the staff. Since the pies take 30 minutes; you order while waiting for your table.



Free Pizza While Waiting to Get Pizza!

They were also gracious enough to have a thin crust pizza sliced small to snack on while you wait. Terribly crisp crust, a bright sauce, and load of cheese. We were sure to be in for a good time.

Steph got the individual pepperoni with the butter crust and I tried the Malnati Chicago Classic with their own sausage and added some shrooms and black olives...makes everything healthy.

We got seated ahead of schedule and thought we would try the Buffalou wings with a Gorgonzola sauce. After flipping through the menu we also decided to split a house salad. Should be way more than enough. Our server was engaging, energetic and likable. He was sporting a Sox tattoo on his forearm, so we kept quiet about being in town to see the opposing team give them a shot. The salad was much more complex than expected with a refreshing red wine vinaigrette.


Better than Expected Salad

All We Ever Saw of the Wings

Individual Pepperoni Deep...Oh the Crust!!!

The Chicago with Extra Veggies

The pizzas arrive next. Four slicers, loaded with all things pizza. The menu states that the sausage is their specialty of the house. I would be prone to disagree. While there is a load of it on each slice, I found it too mild for everything else that is going on in the pizza. Didn’t add much of anything in the way of flavor. What I found to be the specialty of the house is the crust. It looks an inch and a half thick but it is actually a thin basin of crispy crunchity. It was as though we were eating pizza stew in a crusty bread bowl. Seriously good. The cheese in these discs is ridiculous and the veggies made much more of a contribution to the tastiness of the whole project than the sausage.


Look at The CHEESE!!!

The Cobbler was...Well, Didn't Taste Like Much at All

So how were the wings? This is where things started to go awry. Our energetic and likable server stayed energetic and likeable, he just proved to be inept. It didn’t strike us until later that he had been profusely apologizing to the table that was leaving. At one point someone ran out with what was apparently our wings and asked him which table…he replied with Oh Shoot! And she retreated with the wings before we could catch her. He never stopped  by his tables to find out who was missing them. He did, however, manage to charge us for them. When we pointed it out, he didn’t say a thing. Apparently he had reached his quota for apologies for the evening. We also tried to order a dessert but he returned some time later to let us know they had 86’d the peach cobbler and didn’t seem interested in anything except for getting us out the door. A shame really, he started off so well. The rest of the staff appeared to have their acts more together and they all move at a frenetic pace. The pizza is good, the service iffy at best, but it’s hard to go wrong with the deep dish at a classic joint. If you see the tattoo…you might want to switch sections.




What's Best

What's Worst

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