Loveless Cafe
 Nashville, Tennessee        Date of Visit  05/18/17  

I had some seriously high hopes for this place…and they met those hopes on a couple of counts but were a disaster in some important places. A bit of a cruise from the city the Loveless Café and assorted shops is filled with glossy headshots of all sorts of fancy folks. Our server was nice and friendly. He gave us a gift.


The Cafe Sits In The Middle Of A Bunch Of Other Buildings

Seems Popular

He brought us the first thing this place does on a spiritual level, magical level, pick whatever level speaks to you level. Their biscuits. Okay, all the entrees, for me, came in some where between disappointing and disastrous. The drive was worth it for the biscuits alone…yes, the biscuits themselves, better than Biscuit Love’s. So light and reeking of buttery goodness; so flaky, they almost turn into a buttery fog in your mouth. Pats of honest to god real whole fat butter and three house made preserves. Never had anything like em. Glorious.

Don't Speak

Worth The Rest


The other thing they did well were the sides. Mac and cheese cheese cheese. Hashbrown casserole so rich you can feel your arteries clogging. Grits and cheese cheese cheese. There’s a theme. Smoky bbq beans. Creamed corn so filthily rich, it couldn’t possibly be considered a vegetable dish. Soft sweet potatoes glazed with even sweeter awesome. What happened to the entrees?


The Sides

Were So Loaded

With Old School

Tips & Tricks

For Decadent Lavishness

In An Old Simple Style

The chicken livers were coated with so much breading they could be chicken anythings. They did come with a cup of serious gravy but that only helped hide the dish itself. That was the best of the three. The watermelon ribs were entirely too sweet and catastrophically over done, you could practically bite through the bones without force. That left the meat absolute mush and carried a lightly bitter burnt quality under the mountain of sweet. Then there was the fried chicken. If the ribs were mush from over cooking the chicken could be used to sole shoes from the same fate. Soooooooo disappointing. After the biscuits, to have all three dishes arrive the way they did, despondent.

They had a really unique beverage, the Strawberry Sipper. You get two glasses a small take-home Loveless Cafe mini mason jar filled with Strawberry Rye Whiskey and a sliced strawberry and a larger jar filled with Sprite and Lemonade. Add the red to the yellow and you have refreshing summer deliciousness with a bit of woo hoo. After a dozen of them I might have eaten the chicken or ribs, and probably held the place at gunpoint for biscuits. I’m trying to think of words to drive home how good these little nuggets are. Got nuthin’. I’m just gonna think about the biscuits instead. Bye.




What Are You Hiding In, Strawberry?

Did You Say Whiskey?

I'm So Stealing This



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