Akron, Ohio       Date of Visit  08/15/14          

We were excited to try Luigiís again. It seems to be the quintessence of Italian and pizza for the locals. The place is packed as always and the servers seems somewhere between pleasant and irritated. Itís a little cramped but most of the space is taken up with years of history and happily munching patrons.

Always a must is the tossed salad with cheeseÖor as it should be referred to the cheese with tossed salad. Any pizza place could stack up a salad with handfuls of cheese but the vinaigrette is designed to cut through all of the cheese, making everything bright and cheery. We ordered the fried zucchini, which arrived in hot planks with a seriously chunky marinara. Fairly average, but fried vegetables remain awesome.


Just A Smidge Of Cheese

Fry Those Veggies
We ordered a pizza with sausage, pepperoni and shrooms, spaghetti and meatballs, and lasagna with meat sauce and mushrooms. The lasagna was alright, a couple of noodles, cheese and sauce set in a baking dish and heated. The spaghetti was topped with similar sauce (minus the meat & mushrooms) and adorned with two large balls of meat. The strands of noodle were nicely al dente. The meatballs were the same as our visit long agoÖsimple, not much noticeable beside the garlic, but tasty enough.

Our pizza needed another minute or two in the oven to finish the bottom of the crust. Their crust is really tastyÖprobably more so if it is browned all the way across the bottom. While the bottom needed a bit more bake, the edges had gloriously singed the cheese to a crunchy, salty brownness which is delicious. The toppings are pretty standard but do their job. Not being a local, I still find Luigiís to be good but not extraordinary.

The Lasagna Is Fine...

...If Simplistic

The Garlicky Meatballs Are Serious

The Pizza Of Akronites

Not A Bad Slice

But The Crust Needed A Bit More To Get Past Doughy
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Akron, Ohio              Date of Visit: 01/22/10                    http://www.luigisrestaurant.com/Home.html

Itís been years since I have visited this Akron Landmark and given our latest little project it seemed a good time to return. Sneaking in at the end of a lunch crowd, we were seated much faster than I expected, as I have never been to Luigiís without a significant wait. The prices are higher than I had remembered, years gone by will do that to you. We tried a couple of items from the lunch menu which contains a number of deals.



Italian Bread

Itís odd for a pizza place to bring bread to the table, but there it was, crispy crust and soft billowy white innards. We ordered the salad and slice, an open-faced sausage sandwich, and the baked rigatoni. The salad, unless you are lactose intolerant or hypertensive, should be ordered with the cheese. 2/3 cheese and 1/3 salad it is both salty tastiness and an affront to healthy diets.

The lunch menu items are definitely scaled down from their regular menu cousins but are constructed of the same materials. The pizza sits atop a medium thick crust which is the epitome of the word crust. Sharp and crisp, oil and a hot bake deliver an unmistakable crunch between your teeth. The sauce is very earthy and dusky with a balancing sweetness which becomes something different and unique to Luigiís when paired with the cheese. Tomato is a fruit and this cheesy combo brings out a twang in the tomato that in some way brings to the palate a sense of fruitiness.

The Slice

Cheese with Salad

Large Meatballs

Steph reported the baked rigatoni was not overdone and mushy, the bane of baked pastas. She enjoyed the meatball, which I found solid but of a single note, which was a healthy dose of garlic. Not a bad thing, but I typically expect a couple of different layers. The sauce, cheese, and bread slurry was tasty, but I found the sausage less than interesting, in need of salt and those layers of flavor again. Pizza certainly seems to be the way to go here, a very unique blending of taste and all of the textures you expect.


Baked Rigatoni


Open-faced Sausage Sandwich

Over all, service was a lovely mixture of brusque and friendly. We were never wanting for beverage and were delivered additional bread to mop the crocks of any additional sauce and cheese. One moment of surprise results when you turn the jar of shakey cheese upside down and like a winter storm of glory, real grated Parmesan drifts to the plate to accumulate on your food. Itís enough to make you pray for a snow day. You may not find Luigiís to your liking, but it is definitely unique enough to stand out and worth a trip, if you havenít tried it yet. Who knows, it may very well become your personal fav.  



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Good but Boring
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