Lukity's Country Inn (Breakfast)
 Akron, Ohio        Date of Visit  08/02/14      
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We passed Lukity’s on the way to the Honeymoon Grille last weekend and I remembered stopping there for breakfast with the Donald on a breakfast bike run. I remember basic but solid offerings and was surprised to walk in to the old school diner and see some of the dining room tables pushed together to support a temporary steam table holding the weekend buffet. They are going to have to find another place to put this thing as we took the last available seats.



The interior is exactly as I remember it, worn, well worn. The service staff was overwhelmed and frantic but managed to provide basic hospitality. I tried to avoid the buffet. The elderly lady wiping most parts of her upper body all over the place tried to help, but the chance to try most of the menu for a dollar more than most off the menu items won out. I was careful about touching things on the buffet, not that it made a difference but denial is awesome. Steph went a safer route with French toast and hash browns, crispy.

Steph Was Happy With Her French Toast

And The Hash Browns Were Fine

Steph reported the toast was fresh and fluffy with plain but well done hash browns. I found a wide variety of success from the buffet which won't take many words so I'll just list them under the pictures below.

The Eggs Were Hot & Fluffy

Cheesy O'Brienesqe Taters Were Tasty

Deep Fried Bacon More Like Chewy Pig Tails. But Still Bacon

Sausage Had No Flavor

Horrible SOS On Dense Biscuit

Gravy Was Marginally Better



What's Best

What's Worst

  D+ D C C F D+  
        French Toast & Eggs Thickened Milk Ham Stuff    
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