Marblehead Galley Breakfast
 Marblehead, Ohio         Date of Visit  07/17/13  

We had a pretty good dinner at the Galley the night before and we needed to gear up for an encounter with a local Verizon store to see if we could get my mom on a new phone. Turns out the dude at the store was pleasant and efficient, so our breakfast outing was unnecessary but not in vain.



Yes, Her's Is Bigger But I Get Refills

Less crowded than for dinner they still had a respectable crowd and service was about the same. Steph had her heart set on what the menu called their “magnificent” waffle made from their own special batter with a few topping options. Sounds good.

Apparently the waffle iron is broken, so something less magnificent will have to suffice. She ordered the French toast made with their homemade bread and I ordered the Islander, two eggs, hash and fresh baked rye.

We also added a couple sides of hash browns which were disappointingly mushy but sufficed as far as flavor was concerned. I had ordered mine crispy and they did arrive with a light crust over the top but once you got through that it was right back to baby food again. Coffee and a tall hot chocolate loaded with whipped cream helped.

The Islander

I Don't Understand Why Making A Hash Of It Is A Bad Thing, It's Delicious

Yolky Eggs

House Made Rye Makes Stupendous Toast

The hash consisted of small diced potatoes residing in corned beef which appeared to have been nearly pureed prior to being seared. While the texture was thin the flavor was deeply intense with the result of the curing process and the hash mix was well seasoned, add the yolks from a couple EOEs, some hot sauce and mushy hash browns and you have a darn tasty combination. Their house rye bread was sliced thick, toasted very lightly and just kissed by some butter, its good enough to rate a return trip all in itself. Strangely, the fresh bread worked much less well in the French toast which looked unappealing and tasted flat and boring at best. Outside of the islander with the stupid good rye bread, the Galley couldn’t quite make breakfast match dinner.


Their Bread Makes Less Successful French Toast

Needs More Texture



What's Best

What's Worst

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