Martin's BBQ Joint
 Nashville, Tennessee        Date of Visit  05/16/17  

Two BBQ joints came up when we were looking for places to eat in Nsahville, Edley’s was awesome, tonight it is Martin’s turn. Same type of service, go to counter, order too much food, find a place to sit and watch the locals watch the Predators on omnipresent TVs, wait for server to walk confused around the floor for a bit with your food, wave and eat. It’s actually kinda fun.



The Predators Are Playing Up The Street & In Every Corner Of Martin's

We tried the Redneck Taco, cause everyone says you gotta try the redneck taco, a single order of whole hog, and a tray called the Big Mamma sampler which comes with ribs (4 bones), 6oz of pulled pork, plus 6oz of brisket and your choice of 3 sides.

The Q was good but it did not have that outstanding statement we found at Edley’s. The Redneck Taco is an interesting idea, BBQ on top of a cornbread hoe-cake topped with slaw and sauce you get a choice of pork, brisket, sausage, chicken, turkey or catfish, we did the pork.

It was good.

Everything was good, it just seemed the pork was long lost in the rest of the ingredients. Trying the pulled shoulder on its own, I realized it was going to get lost.


The brisket was really fatty (I didn’t specify where to slice from so you get what you get), the ribs were sort of a dry, chewy mess (particularly after the gorgeous specimens Edley’s provided) and we added a side of whole hog which offered more in the way of textural variety but outside of a couple pieces of bark, not too much in the flavor dept.

The sides were solid, bitey slaw, outstanding broccoli salad, yellow mustardy potato salad, standard fries, and nutty sweet browned cornbread (looks like a pancake here). They have a few sauces three of which were served with our platter, a sweet and spicy vinegar based Jack’s Creek, another vinegar based sauce with some tomato thrown in with a bit of kick…(I’m certain it wasn’t the devils nectar sauce) and a rich white Alabama White Sauce

I went up to grab a cap for someone and picked up a slice each of pecan and fudge pie…not bad…pretty much what I expected…Just like Martins. Good joint, the other stood out more.

Wanted More From Redneck Taco

A Single Order

And The Big Mama Platter

Fatty Brisket Cut

Didn't Care For Leathery Ribs


Whole Hog Has Definite Textural & Taste Advantage Over

Much Milder Pulled Shoulder

Vinegary Slaw

Passable Tater Salad

Interesting Take On Cornbread

Broccoli Salad Was Just Right


Sweet & Spicy

Rich & Bamy (Ala)

Fudge Pie Was Alright

Pecan Much Better



What's Best

What's Worst

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        Broccoli? Ruined Ribs    
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