Muscarella's (Second Visit)
Youngstown, Ohio    Date of Visit:  12/10/16
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I’ve though about this place several times for reasons good and bad. The good, fortunately, is that it was great the first time we came. The down side is due to some function of I guess geography it takes a hundred twists and turns to find it. Today is sort of the same thing. I got super lucky with parents who would be celebrating their 50th today, the bad…mother dear is the only one we get to celebrate with. But celebrate we will…Sorry Chad…she’s not used to that much wine.


  The food is seriously good at this joint, it’s worth the GPS meltdown and the tip to the Sherpa guide to find it. The wedding soup might be my favorite…still contemplating it’s awesome chickeness and goodies. The Charcuterie board (they call it an Italian Board…not much for the French I guess) with Sopressata, prosciutto, calabrese, but it was the olives, the homemade hot vinegar peppers, the tangy spicy giardinera & stupid sharp cheese that made it a real treat. Their wedding soup might be my new favorite and the sharp house dressing is the standout in the salad.

Whipped Butter & Salad Dressing Great On Yeasty Bread

Spicy Veg & Sharp Cheese Are Delicious


Good Salad

Great Soup

  I ordered the special which was Braciole with spaghetti and house red sauce. The sauce and pasta were perfection but the rolled steak was just good. It was a bit tough and was simply stuffed with seasoned bread crumbs. I guess I’ve just had more tender interesting versions. The eggplant parmigiana was about as close as you are going to get to the thick awesome that was Antenucci’s, but that’s gone forever…this will do. The pasta trio came with Lasagna Bolognese (aka cheese nirvana), tender chicken parmigiana & a salty and uber rich fettuccine alfredo. We swore we would only take bites of the Peppermint and Chocolate Cannoli and the Peach Bourbon Cheesecake…lies…all lies. We pecked and chomped until plates were bare. Everything changes, some get better, we’ll be back…when we can hire another Sherpa.

Braciole Was Fine

Eggplant Discs Are As Close To Long Lost Favorite As We've Found

Trio Of Awesome

Especially The Cheesy Lasagne

Couldn't Resist Peppermint Chocolate Chip Cannoli

Or Peach Bourbon Cheesecake

  Change in Ranking        
  Original Score Which Way? New Score Why For?  
  A- A Good Braciole Is The Only Not Great Thing  
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Muscarella's Cafe

Sharpsville, PA             Date of Visit: 09/04/10   

Having heard about this place, my brother had tried to take us here before, but we got all confused about the name and ended up behind a bowling alley eating unfortunate pasta and drinking free homemade wine. With our heads on straight we took another short cruise across the PA line to Sharon and found Muscarella’s. Amidst several hulking and empty steel buildings this restaurant is bristling with life. It appears small from the outside and they have a nifty little sign on the side of the building that lets you know how long the wait is with a traffic light system, so if you happen to be driving by you can tell if you’ll be sitting or standing. Once you get inside the place is dark and cavernous and seems to go on much further than the boundaries of the outside walls. The booths are incredibly spacious which makes more sense once you’ve eaten there. If you are a regular, you are going to need a large booth.



Our server was experienced and patient as we spent much of the evening unable to speak through peals of laughter. We ordered a bunch of stuff, starting with a bowl of wedding soup (great measure of an Italian Restaurant) and salads. The salads were good and fresh but a little boring. After that everything was simply outstanding. Fresh baked bread and whipped butter are a staple for a reason. Eaten with what was one of the top two wedding soups I have ever tasted, I was instantly excited about this little adventure. The soup was almost pleasantly assaultive as layers of flavor, savory, green, rich and multiple textures repeatedly hammer away at your palate. Stupendous!

How long is the wait? You can tell from your car.

Good, but Paled in Comparison

Beautiful Fresh Italian Bread

The menu is expansive and they have a list of thirteen sauce options which you can mix and match with your order. We tried lasagna (which is meatless depending on the sauce you add) one with Traditional Sauce and one with Bolognese, Cavatelli with Traditional Red and meatballs, and friends right down the date, I ordered the best thing at the table. I tried the Filet Gorgonzola which consists of fettucine noodles in a Gorgonzola sauce with grilled filet mignon tips and portabella mushrooms.

Most of which could be topped by any of the following:

  • Our Traditional Old World Red – with meatballs or our homemade loose sausage

  • Bolognese – traditional Italian red meat sauce

  • Marinara – our meatless tomato sauce with chunks of bell peppers and onions

  • Pink – a light blend of Old World red and Alfredo sauces

  • Spicy Red Pepper – a Pink sauce of lightly blended Marinara & Alfredo sauce with red pepper seeds

  • Vodka – sautéed Prosciutto with plum tomatoes, blended with cream, Vodka, & Italian cheese

  • Sun Dried Tomato – a Pink sauce of blended emulsified sun dried tomatoes & seasoned cream

  • Roasted Pepper – oven roasted red peppers finely chopped & blended in a light cream sauce

  • Alfredo – our white sauce with rich flavor of cream & Parmesan cheese

  • Gorgonzola – a blend of Gorgonzola cheese and Alfredo to create a pungent sauce

  • Olive – a rich cream sauce combining Italian cheese & variety of Italian olives

  • d’Oglio – a blend of seasoned extra virgin olive oil with fresh garlic & herbs

  • Pesto – fresh basil, garlic & pine nuts puréed in extra virgin olive oil with Romano cheese


Incredible Wedding Soup

Good Cavatelli and Meatballs
Very Awesome!

Seriously, Look at the Cheese Layers

Portion Sizes Mean Lunch Tomorrow...and Dinner

The Cavatelli was good. The Traditional Old World Red Sauce has a real fresh flavor resulting from the chunks of green pepper and onion. The meatballs are made from a more coarsely ground mix giving them more texture than most and they fall apart in your mouth releasing well seasoned meatiness. The lasagna doesn’t require meat, something I didn’t think I would ever write, although the meat sauce is excellent. Between the layers of pasta are unusually thick layers of seriously seasoned and sweet ricotta cheese. Simple and perfect. I have been watching my diet for the past couple of weeks or so and was ready to have a little naughty, okay super naughty. Gorgonzola enhanced Alfredo, thick al dente noodles, mid rare filet. Heaven, and tons of it we actually turned it into three meals. Certainly the restaurant was built to feed the families of thousands of steel workers. The mills are mostly gone but the place is still packed, good enough to pull people in from all over, and they can add one more to the list.




What's Best

What's Worst

  A A B+ A+ B+ A-  
        Name it. Salad Could Use Thought
But Still Good
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