Nikos's Sandwich Board
 Akron, Ohio    Date of Visit  01/17/14

The other day we stopped at a light on Market Street in Akron. In the Devil’s Strip (I still don’t know why they call it that here in Akron) there was a little sign for a restaurant. A few days later we are back and hungry, the sign is still there, no restaurant in sight. After navigating around CVS there is a little strip plaza with a pawn shop, a bar you have to be 25 to enter (what’s going on in there?) and Niko’s Sandwich Board.



Didn't Expect Anything This Nice & Clean From The Outside

It looks pretty shifty until you open the restaurant door where you are greeted by a warm little oasis with laid back happy people enjoying lunch.

Not what I expected at all. Warm sun belt colors, church pews cut down into seats, folks of all sorts tucking into varied bread contained sustenance, surprisingly nice inside.

Staffed by happily Greek folks the menu has Mediterranean influences but ranges around familiar sandwich combination with some aberrations off into the strange. Now I’m happy too.

The young man attending to us was excited we were in for the first time. Service was relaxed but efficient and quick, good place to catch lunch on a work day. It turns out lunch isn’t simply fast but pretty freakin’ good.


We ordered the Greek potato salad, a Reuben, Aunt Ruth’s Chicken salad, a Capicola Woo, and the Akron Serendipity.

The tater salad is doused in a lightly spicy, veg infused, herby olive oil vinaigrette. So glad we tried it.

Reuben = good. We’ve had some stupendous Reubens and while the Corned Beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, house made Russian dressing and grilled rye bread were all present, Niko’s Reuben was just alright and my least favorite of the day. Which means we are only going up from good.

The chicken salad contained…well, bound chicken…but also grapes, almonds, sliced tomato, mixed greens, and a balsamic reduction. A little mayo holds together fresh, crunch, sweet, sharp, chew, and so on. Lots of stuff going on, all works together, changes a little with each bite, nice take.

Tommy Likey Greek Tater Salad


I Found Their Reuben To Be Average

Chicken Salad Better With Varied Flavors

Great Spice Dripped From The Woo

The two more unique sandwiches turned out to be my favorites. The Capicola Woo arrived wrapped in a green tortilla (spinach?) loaded with thin shaved Capicola, Genoa salami, soppressata, Parmesean cheese, spinach, cucumber, tomato, jalapeno basil relish. Messy, way messy, stuff oozing out all over the place, I like messy. Deep cured Italian ham products with varying spice blends, salty cheese, crunchy veg and an intensely spicy and herby blast from the relish. It says Woo. It contains Woo. Nice.

Akron Serendipity. Pastrami, corned beef & roast beef with asiago cheese smeared with a black pepper Dijon horseradish. Again, a condiment with some bite makes for a great sandwich. The signs says they make Lou & Hy's Cheesecake but it wasn't ready so we settled for average baklava. Serendipity means a fortunate happenstance or pleasant surprise. Indeed. Niko’s was very much a pleasant surprise in Akron. Just look for the CVS and the wee sign by the curb…and for goodness sake, don’t go into the bar next door.


And More Delicious Heat Balanced The Weighty Meatiness Of The Seredipity

We Will Be Back For Cheesecake





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