Noodle Asia
 Las Vegas, Nevada    Date of Visit  12/14/10

Thinking we might try something different in Sin City, we looked up a casual dining spot at the Venetian. Noodle Asia is a casino side spot with a small dining room, open kitchen and a load of demure servers. The servers were quick, nearly omnipresent in an understated fashion; never hovering but always quick to your side. People from all over the world visit Las Vegas and when we arrived at Noodle Asia it appeared that many of the visitors from the Pacific Rim stop here for lunch. Great sign. We plopped down at a table and perused the menu. Itís always fun and a little scary to be ordering from a menu when you donít really recognize that much.



That's One Order of Soup!?! You Can't Not Finish It

Usually, my first test of any Chinese restaurant is always their Hot and Sour Soup. Is there heat that you can stand to eat balanced with sharp vinegar and numerous other flavors? We ordered the soup to share and it was a good thing that we did. Rather than a bowl we got a BOWL of soup enough to fill over six of the individual bowls on the table. The soup itself was outstanding. The broth was hot and spicy with a dark beefy flavor. It was missing the sharp acidity of the vinegar until you got a crunch of the veggies which were either marinated or cooked to bring those flavors in varying degrees depending on the spoonful. Awesome. Loaded with tons of other ingredients we were off to a stupendous start.

Next our two dim sum orders arrived. We had first ordered the pot stickers which included a little dish of traditional pot-sticker sauce. The sauce was perfect and the pot stickers were crispy on the outside and had a luscious porkiness on the inside. On a limb we had also ordered the Siu Mai which are open faced dumplings filled with pork and shrimp. The shrimp inside were whole and pinkly perfect. All three appetizers were absolutely on the nail head.

Pot Stickers

Siu Mai (Pork and Shrimp)

Ba Bao, Literally A Different Experience in Every Bite

For our final plate we split an order of Ba Bao noodles. These were Mandarin noodles topped with a spicy, shrimp sauce and peanuts, stir-fried Napa cabbage, Chinese mushrooms, spinach and pork. Glorious. Spicy but in a flavorful sort of manner, soft doughy noodles that drank in the sauce and packed each bite with layer after layer of new and exciting tastes.

To be honest, it might have been that I was overloaded with French based this and that, but Noodle Asia will hold an honored place amongst all of the meals I have ever had in Las Vegas. Chef Kevin Wu created a breathtaking lunch.

The Whole Shebang, Great Change




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