Nothing Bundt Cakes
 Columbus, Ohio        Date of Visit  06/26/16 

Cupcakes were a thing. Macaroons were a thing. Take an elderly classic, class it up a pile and you might have the next thing. In Cbus, a couple folks are working on making Bundt Cakes a thing. Ifín ya donít know, bundt cakes are the things that weird fluted pan with a hole in the middle hiding in the back of your (grand?)momís cupboard is for.



Cream Cheese & Cuteness Abound

We were in the Bus to take some pictures and we were introduced to the Bundtini. Wee bundt cakes (no hole). Their website says they are ďbite sizedĒ and as a dude with a big mouthÖthat ainít gonna happen. More a comfortable three biter, two if youíre pushing. 

The box had a dozen split between raspberry, lemon, chocolate, and red velvet, the last two studded with chocolate chips. They are nice, and have that classy bump that seems to make things.

Moist, very fine crumb, each with a piped dollop of smooth cream cheese frosting with a tangy sweet for all versions. The lemon was sharp and smooth simultaneously. The chips made the cocoa and chocolate versions popular. The only one I didnít care a much for was the raspberry which had a peculiar aftertaste. Outside of that, these might soon be a thing.


Lemon On The Left Was A Nice Blend Of Sweet & Acidic

But Something Was Amiss In The Raspberry
Chocolate Chips Bring Goodness To...

Both Chocolate Based Options



What's Best

What's Worst

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