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 Medina, Ohio           Date of Visit  12/20/13           

So, two and a half days of flu nasty symptoms but we have some Christmas gift crazy to finish, so I am going to pretend none of that happened. We ended up at Arabica after our last trip to Tazza Glass and we planned to find something up in his neck of the woods after pick up. It wasnít easy to do but we found a place we hadnít visited between he and we on 18 in Medina. An old friend I havenít seen in years took me to On Tap in Fairlawn years ago (no duh) for their half priced burger day and they have another outpost in Medina so we are going to put the new sense of healthiness to the test.



Way Salty Popcorn, Good

The crowd fills half the space inside and is quite a mixed bag of suits and Harley shirts, usually a good sign. The fixtures are sort of rickety but the place seems clean enough. Our server was sweet and hustled even though she did so inefficiently. She offered us a basket of popcorn, we refused, changed our minds, received and ordered a couple of soups, a couple of sandwiches and went to work on the popcorn we didnít want. Itís a cheaper version of chips and salsa but the heavy salt and something like butter had us dipping our hands in the basket even after we stopped eating what we had ordered.

Speaking of salty, I ordered their chili, which I found to be towards the upper reaches of salinity. I had Steph try a spoon and she found it incredibly salty which was a shame. It had a nice blend of meat/mater/spice/fresh veg mix which would have made for a solid stew. If I find it salty, itís salty. Steph had the cream of potato, which was loaded with butter instead of salt (not a bad thing), steaming potato chunks, cream, some dill and just enough salt. Much better.

Way Salty Chili, Undergood

Properly Salty Tater Soup

A burger and sandwich followed. Steph ordered the bleu burger with crumble bleu and mushrooms minus the onions. The patty was well seasoned and seared, maybe the chili was a single day miss. It had fairly present stinky cheese and a full burger set. It was a pretty good burger, something I remembered from years ago. I ordered the BBC, the breaded buffalo chicken sandwich which consists of a marinated and lightly breaded breast, fried, dipped in the house original sauce and is then topped with lettuce, tomato, and sliced jalapenos and served with bleu cheese dressing. This thing has kick, not sweating, crying, snotting hot kick but enough to know you are definitely eating Buff. The pickled peppers added a boost without taking it over the top. A big tub of dressing added a pungent dairy limitation to the spice and made for a much better than expected sandwich.

Looks Good

Patty Was Well Constructed, Seasoned And Prepared

BBC Platter

My Kinda Buff...Some Kick In The Teeth But Still Chicken Beneath

The sides were not as good as the sandwiches. I had fries which were thin and likely crispy at some point. The down side to skinny fries is they donít hold heat well and if they wait a few minutes in the window and then sit on the table for two more they way under perform. They were better than Stephís who swapped the fried potato out for fried zucchini, which ended up being tragic mush inside and encased in thick crust. Imagine baby food flautas and you get the idea. Fresher veg and a breading more like the chicken would have been a great idea. They were also served, inexplicably, with a tzatziki sauce and Steph got a strange look when she asked for some ranch dressing instead. Mixed soups, good sandwiches and subpar sides about sums it up. They have a pretty extensive breakfast menu we may try, I expect it to be a sort of a mixed bag too. On Tap seems like a place to find what theyíre good at and then stick with that.


These Were Probably Good Before They Got To Us

Zucchini Was Probably Better Earlier In The Week, When Made
Oh, BTW. Mike from Tazza Glass really hooked us up.

Strange request. Didn't Blink an Eye

Custom Presents Done Right and Done Right Now.

If you ever need some artistic glass, look him up. http://www.tazzaglass.com/

If You Don't Know What They Are, Don't Ask

You Probably Don't Want To Know



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