Orange Trük
 Akron, Ohio           Date of Visit: 04/26/14    

Visiting the first local food truck assembly, set to benefit the Copley schools extra curricular programs, we finally caught up with the Orange Trük. Steph had seen it once in Fairlawn but it was gone by the time we were both there. Their online menu features some unusual but delicious sounding options you might not expect from a rolling wagon…rabbit, gator, etc. Today, the thing I would have ordered above all else was the porchetta sandwich but alas we were late again…crossed off the menu. Boo. Instead we were left with more standard options, tacos and something called trük balls.


On The Uppity/Snazzy Side Of Food Truckery

Sadly, My Most Desired Had Been Crossed Off Earlier


I was kinda hoping the tacos wouldn’t be very good, then I wouldn’t feel like I had missed out on much in the stranger offerings. They were actually darn good. Tequila lime chicken in a soft tortilla shell and topped with a mango pico de gallo, Chihuahua cheese, cabbage and a squirt of avocado chipotle crema. The ingredients were super fresh, appropriately hot or cold and all worked well together. The chicken was lusciously soft and the toppings offered bits of crunch to keep everything interesting. Now I really want some of their other stuff.

The Tacos Were Gorgeous Nonetheless

And Tasted About As Good As They Looked

The trük balls are arancini. The fried spheres of rice are loaded with a ridiculous amount of cheese. Pulling pieces off was a little like pulling a slice of pizza out of the pie…long strands of hot cheese resisting the movement. The panko crumbs on the outside are fried to a dark brown crunchitude making for a perfectly acceptable arancini. They are topped with trük sauce which was weirdly similar to the golden arches Big Mac dressing minus the pickle and plus a light bit of punch from something horseradishy. They’re probably not the things I would have ordered here, but they were good enough that I’ll keep an eye out for local dates and menus…and we’ll be eating in another parking lot somewhere…in front of an orange truk.


The Truk Sauce Was Functional

And The Arancini Are Loaded With Cheese




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