Original Greek Gyro
 Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio           Date of Visit  01/25/14    
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We have to go to the Falls to lock up the building so we decided to throw dinner in to make the drive more fruitful. If it hadn’t been for the building we wouldn’t have braved the snow but the doors needed locked so we plowed through the empty parking lot and into Original Greek Gyro. There is a lone employee who greets us and regales us about the menu and his ability to produce it. There was one take out order and another couple who braved the whiteout we had just traveled through…good sign.



Fries Looked Great. Fryer Seriously Needs Filtered Or Changed

It’s much nicer inside than I had expected. I don’t know what it was prior to a gyro place but the design is more casual dining or fast casual than the stark pizza places I have found some of the best gyros over the years. Our server/cook/manager/historian said everything on the menu was good and we should order two of everything, so we did, almost. We ordered four different sandwiches, fries and some baklava.

The fries looked awesome. Thick cut, fresh cut, fried dark-dark brown, I was excited. They unfortunately tasted like dirty fryer grease, bummer. There was another disappointment. There was a sandwich on the menu called Beefteki. Never heard of it, kinda curious, something new, interesting, wheeeeeeee, here we go. It’s a burger. It’s not a good one either, not a hint of seasoning, not much of a beef flavor either. It represents what you should get if you order a burger at a Greek restaurant. I just wish I knew that’s what we were ordering. Things would get better.

Presenting The Mysterious And Unique BEEFTEK...Oh, It's A Burger

And Not Much Of One

We also tried the Reuben (corned beef is also on the sign out front), a gyro, and loukaniko (I hope that doesn’t turn out to be a burger too). The corned beef is really nice, darkly seasoned and lush. I like the corned beef better here than our recent trip to the Falls Deli but the overall sandwich wasn’t as good for me…better for Steph. The kraut was under-sauer, the pita was good but doesn’t add what the rye does, the dressing was more sweet than anything else. It was a dramatic improvement over the beefteki but the gyro was going to be the belle of the ball.

That's A Reuben? Yup...Very Close At Least

Nice Corned Beef But The Rest Is A Little Passé

I was worried with little business coming in the gyro meat would be pulled out of a fridge and nuked, but the cone of happiness was swirling joyously on the vertical spit. Lightly crisped skin covered a juicy and spicy lamb beef mix. The same well done pita from the Reuben (works even better in the gyro), fresh veggies, thick cuke sauce, it works well. Then there is the portion. We ordered the large (smallest on the menu vs. Xtra large and platter) and ended up with Olympus…a Greek mountain…of sandwich.  It’s a deal and a half as well.


Really Nice Gyro

And LOTS Of It

The loukaniko was a sandwich on pita with sautéed onions and peppers, fresh tomato, feta cheese and some kind of sausage. The printed menu said Greek sausage, the menu placard on the wall said creole sausage, who knows. It was spicy and tasty but would be hard pressed to pass up the gyro for anything else on the menu. They do have some kind of monstrosity called the big hit with gyro meat AND corned beef piled on rye with cheese and some sort of house sauce…but I might have to order the gyro as contingency, just in case.

Loukaniko Wasn't Bad At All

With Seriously Seasoned Sausage Of Some Stripe

Lastly, we got a couple of pieces of baklava to take home. The pieces are larger than most but instead of alternating layers there is a base of phyllo, a layer of nut stuff and some phyllo atop. The real problem though, was the lack of nut and honey sweet flavors which are what we were really looking for. There is a reason gyro is in the name on the sign. The rest isn't bad but couldn't compare.

A Little Bit Lazy


And Nut Much Rock 'N Roll




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