PJ Marley's
 Medina, Ohio           Date of Visit  02/14/16           

Stopped into see what was going on at the Median ice show and thought we would pick a place right there in the square for lunch. The relatively straightforward menu at PJ Marley’s sounded good so we put our name in, strolled the square for a bit and returned at the perfect time to plop down. The place has a nice little bar feel and is packed and resultantly a little slow. I imagine they are more together when it isn’t wall to wall walk-ins all day long.



We ordered peculiar sliders, wings, a couple of sandwiches and got partway through two desserts. .The sliders were beet. That’s right, not beef, beet. They could have been much better. The garnet roots were well roasted but the onion and green goddess dressing were in very short supply…almost as though they were headed towards running out. Additional dressing might have made them much more interesting. The wings were a traditional mild and also could have benefited from additional sauce but were just fine.

I ordered a burger, sounded interesting, the Medina Bee. Grilled pineapple, Honey aioli and Shasha Sauce. The burger itself was very meatloafy…they use local beef but are apparently stretching it a fair bit. The pineapple slice was alright but for the third time…there was so little sauce  it was a bunned meatloaf with a slice of pineapple atop. There was no sting in this bee.

The Wings Weren't Bad

But The Beet Sliders Ended Up Being Nothing More Than A Slice Of Beet On A Bun

Big Ol Burger

Didn't Meat Any Expectations

The Mac Daddy grilled cheese was another matter. Swiss, American, Mac-N-Cheese and bacon and fabulous. B-Crispy, O-salty, G-smoky, I-buttery, N-stringy. BINGO. The fries with both were excellent. Well prepped, well cooked, well seasoned, piping hot, really tasty.

The root beer float was reportedly pretty good, good ice cream and root beer. There’s a paragraph about the chocolate cake on the menu. It’s grandma’s recipe, I think my grandma made better. It was fine it will satiate a sweet tooth….but nothing you would think about the day after. There were a couple of highlights at PJ’s but not enough to make them a contender.


The Mac Daddy Grilled Cheese Exceeded Expectations

With Well Done & Delicious Fries

Good Float Fizzes As Ice Cream Sinks In

The Cake Is Oversold But Fair





What's Best

What's Worst

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        GC & Fries Both "Burgers"    
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