Cleveland, Ohio             Date of Visit: 01/18/10        


Good friends invited us to this snazzy little place in the Tremont area of Cleveland. Just like other restaurants in the area it is not easy to find and suddenly appears following rows of homes. We arrived early for an early reservation and were seated very close to the open kitchen, something I always enjoy but can be a little loud for others. While we were waiting, the entire staff was very attentive, bringing round after round of French and Rye breads and refilling beverages so regularly I started worrying I wouldn’t be able to eat. But don’t worry friends, I found a way.


The menu is heavily skewed towards the seafood so I thought I might start with some sushi items and opted for a couple I had not tried elsewhere, even though I ended up ordering sushi without much seafood. Both the pickled radish and the signature Panko Breaded Spicy Scallop Roll featuring bell pepper, tobiko, shiso and spicy mayo were fresh and feng shui perfect, served alongside a very fragrant soy. The roasted tomato soup as the du jour was vibrant and flavorful as we passed around the table, we were off to a very pleasant start. After asking the server about the curious Thai Shrimp and Grits on the menu, she reported they were her favorite and I was sold. Steph had decided on a Rare Seared Tuna with port sauce, braised pearl onions and asked for the Milanese Risotto in place of the celery root mash, which was substituted without any fuss at all.

Bread and Oil

Two Beautiful Rolls

Tasty Rare Tuna

Both meals I tried were just fine with a couple of exceptions. The tuna was cooked to perfection, sweet with a caramelized outer crust, but the rice was long blown, not being able to stand the reheat in the kitchen. With only two working the hot line it isn’t a surprise they par their long cooking items, they just need to be a little more careful with the first heat. Now, my shrimp and grits tasted good. White cheddar dominated the well held grits which were topped with well cooked shrimp. The only hang-up I had here was the word Thai in front of it. When you see Thai you expect some zing to balance out all of the richness in the dish and it just wasn’t there. Whether they have adjusted to more Americanized palates or someone just missed on the seasoning, it wasn’t disappointing enough for me to regret the order but it really needed something to take on the richness.

"Thai" Shrimp & Grits

Ginger Cheesecake

Crunchy-topped Lemongrass Creme Brulee

Desserts were tried, even though at this point the bread was really catching up with me. Steph ordered one of her favorites, Crème Brule, this one lightly flavored with lemongrass, I understand they have rotating flavors including coffee and peanut butter. The custard was light and didn’t move too far in either the sweet or eggy direction. I was tempted by the savory flavors of the Ginger Cheesecake with Grapefruit-Almond Crust. Pretty and just a hint of sweet, it turned out to be a well constructed finish.




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