Pav's Creamery
 Canton, Ohio        Date of Visit  03/04/17  

This won’t take too long. Hoping to get some of the tastes of dinner at Samantha’s out of our mouths, we stopped by for some ice cream at a place none of us had experienced. We got into Pav’s Creamery in North Canton at just the right time, line in front of us but nowhere near the length of the line that would follow us. What is going on here? A look at the menu answers the question quickly. Booze. Childhood treats with adult ingredients. Now the line makes sense.


Out The Door, We Made It Just In Time


Our solo virgin option was the Baklava Sundae, crispy nuttiness, topped with soft serve, topped with hot fudge, topped with whipped cream, topped with nuts. Traditional sundae but all good.

I missed it, but I think there was an argument about who was going to order because whoever did was going to have to say I wanna Johnny Jam Boogie Shake. The loser of the argument managed to order it without saying it out loud and we were treated to a shake, topped with whipped cream, studded with candy bars and infused with caramel vodka and Ezra Brooks bourbon Cream. So, so, so wrong. They ain’t overly shy about the liquor either…you definitely know you are having a drink and not just a sundae.

The Peanut Oreo Mudslide made with cookies and peanut butter vodka was similar to the Johnny Jammeroo, just a little sweeter without the hint of smoky bourbon flavor.


My favorite was certainly The French Connection which was loaded with pineapple and Chambourd. Chambourd may well be one of my favorite liqueurs, it’s French, I don’t use if very much for anything, but as far as distilling the quintessence of a fruit (in this case black raspberry) to the point it tastes more like the fruit than most of the fruits we get at the mega mart…it takes the cake…or sundae in this case. I’ve never been to Hawaii, for some reason, soft serve, French liqueur, and pineapple made me want to go, and have a sundae.

Good as they were, they couldn’t quite erase Samantha’s so we headed out for a couple flights of beer at Wadsworth Brewing Co. How to stay friends 101.


Baklava Sundae...No Booze

Milkshakes...All Booze...Yippee!



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